Beautiful Young Lady

Seems like each year passes with such swiftness that I can’t believe it was already time again for my annual session with this lovely young lady. Mom is so good about taking the time to get her daughter’s portraits done. I need to take some hints from her because I have seemingly dropped the ball when it comes to my own family photos. Nonetheless, each year I am surprised with how fast these kids I photograph grow.  Such is the case with this beautiful girl. I love how in some photos, I can still see that little girl I photographed 9 years ago and then in others, I see the young lady she is becoming.


Just had to snap this quick pic of mom!   She couldn’t resist!

And lastly, the result I got!  🙂

Jenny - December 20, 2017 - 4:52 pm

Love these textures and colors, so pretty!!

Sweet Family with a Silly Side

It’s been wonderful watching this family grow over the years.  Seeing how this young married couple turned into amazing parents has been such a privilege.   Despite the drizzly weather, our time together was full of smiles, cuddles, and laughter.   This sweet girl adores her daddy and loves her momma as is evident in the photos themselves.



What you can also see is how fun and silly this family can be with one another.  I can’t remember what was being said at the time that I took these first two photos, but I find them so amusing.  So expressive!  Mom told me that is what she looks like when she is telling them a story in a sassy way.  I have to agree!  🙂

And we couldn’t end our time together without some silly family photos (Miss Sass-a-frass requested this herself)!


For the Love of Graffiti

One of Austin’s iconic places to see is the Hope Outdoor Gallery which is bursting with graffiti in all styles and colors.    Although your eye is pulled in many different directions trying to capture all the amazing artwork, this beautiful young lady stands out amongst it all.     For many years I have photographed this lovely lady, and each year gets better than the last.

Strong Just Like Her Momma

This sweet little girl’s  momma is one tough cookie!   Throughout her pregnancy, she kept in shape and stayed strong (I know this because I follow her on Instagram and the videos she posts makes my jaw drop seeing how strong she is).    A couple of months before she gave birth, we talked about possible ways to incorporate her love of cross fit training into her daughter’s photo shoot and the newborn baby rattle, shaped as a dumbbell,  was the perfect addition.  🙂