For the Love of Graffiti

One of Austin’s iconic places to see is the Hope Outdoor Gallery which is bursting with graffiti in all styles and colors.    Although your eye is pulled in many different directions trying to capture all the amazing artwork, this beautiful young lady stands out amongst it all.     For many years I have photographed this lovely lady, and each year gets better than the last.

Strong Just Like Her Momma

This sweet little girl’s  momma is one tough cookie!   Throughout her pregnancy, she kept in shape and stayed strong (I know this because I follow her on Instagram and the videos she posts makes my jaw drop seeing how strong she is).    A couple of months before she gave birth, we talked about possible ways to incorporate her love of cross fit training into her daughter’s photo shoot and the newborn baby rattle, shaped as a dumbbell,  was the perfect addition.  🙂

Dimples are my Weakness

This handsome little guy and his dimples!   Add to this, some blue eyes, and yep, I was a goner!  I had the honor of photographing this gorgeous family last fall and I couldn’t get enough of this cutie.   Who can resist a wink?   😉

Wildflowers & Love

Where to begin to describe this session?   It seemed like from the beginning that this session was going to be a little challenging.   The wind was blowing like crazy that morning (not good for long hair) and despite being April, it was also quite cold (not so great with a sleeveless dress).  AND to top it all off, even though we got up super early, before sunrise so that we could get those buttery warm, soft lit photos, it was DARK!  Like “a storm is coming” type dark.   Despite it all, nothing could snuff out the light and love that radiated from these two.   We had so much fun in those flowers that morning!   Hey, jump on your fiancé’s back for a piggy back ride!  Done!  How about running and jumping up into your fiancé’s arms?  Done!  Ok, scoop your soon-to-be wife up in both arms.  Done!  Now swing her around in a circle.  (so I really did ask for him to do this thinking he would look at me like I was crazy)  As you can see from the photos below, he did as requested, and it had us all laughing hysterically!