Beautiful 8×8 Coffee Table book

I had a recent boudior session a few weeks ago, and my client ordered an 8×8 coffee table book with all the images from her gallery put in it.    She gave it to her husband as a birthday gift!    This book is gorgeous!   When the client saw it, she loved it.  When her husband saw it, he called me on the phone to tell me how much he loved it too!       This book is beautifully made with a leather cover, which comes in a deep red (pictured), a chocolate brown, or a classic black.


When you open the book, there is a black linen cover page,  then your cover page follows.

The corners are nicely folded with a black linen paper cover.



Every page is bound nicely and neatly in the center.  It’s construction is sturdy and will last for many years to come.

For now, I have a 10×10 and an 8×8 book available.

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