My Girly Girl ~ Round Rock Child Photographer

Thanks to Mimi, Miss T has her very own makeup table. My husband has found her sitting at this very table at 7 in the mornings, just quietly putting on her “lipstick & blush.” Lord knows I’m going to have my hands full when she’s a teenager. I seriously dont know where she gets it either, I myself, hardly ever where makeup anymore. Most days my hair is thrown back into a ponytail and I wear jeans and sweatshirt with my Nike running shoes. (notice how Miss T has her princess heels on)?

Not soon after the above shot, my daughter Teagan, wanted to play outside. So with her heels on, purse, and cell phone (see it there on her hip), she heads out front to go walk her baby in the stroller. Even though the teen years make me a little nervous, I am loving every minute of this girly girl behavior (especially since I never thought I’d have a girl after having my two sons).

ryan - January 8, 2009 - 9:32 pm

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! I just looooovvveee all that girly girl stuff! I know you are enjoying every second of it too!

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