The Princess & the Frog ~ Austin Child Photographer

I cant wait for the new Disney movie The Princess and the Frog to come to theaters December 11th. Looks like it is going to be such a cute movie, one that Teagan will surely love especially after seeing her reaction to this lil’ guy this morning. In our front yard, we have a meter box buried in the ground, and each year, frogs (or should I say toads because aren’t toads brown, and frogs are green?) make their home in this box in the ground, which has now become known as the “frog box.” I am surprised to see one so late into the Fall; the weather had really started to cool off here. Nonetheless, the kids found this fella and named him Calaco. Dont ask, I dont know where they get it….. Teagan took quite an interest in him, pokin’ at his eyes and turning him over to inspect his belly. She even went to far as to cuddle up to him nustling him up into her cheek. I know, yuck! We eventually let him go, back into the frog box, to be caught again another day. We then headed inside for a good hand washing! Is it true that frog give you warts?





leia - October 23, 2009 - 3:38 pm

Ok those are some great shots!! She looks like a very good frog whisperer! 😉

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