It’s Beginning to Look alot like Christmas ~ Austin Family Photographer

Doesn’t this family ooze Christmas! I love the colors Mom picked out with the deep reds, blacks and whites. What a wonderful family – up for anything; made my job so easy this morning.


You should have heard me making all kinds of high pitched, goofy noises to get this sweet lil’ girl to perk up and grin. Making funny sounds and being down right silly is just a part of this job! But, I think we got the biggest grin from her when mom made a raspberry (or as my boys would say a ‘toot’) sound with her mouth. I love this shot because you can see Mom in the background pursing her lips together and joining in on the funny noises with me!


I love these shoes! They squeak each time she steps down. I can just see this little girl thinking “if I could just reach them…..” and then in the second photo, “ahhhh, success! Yummy shoe!”


And lastly, I couldn’t resist doing the sandwich kissy shot! The expressions that kids have when both parents squish them with kisses, makes me smile!


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