A Little Unsure ~ Round Rock Baby Photographer

This sweet little girl looks a little unsure about being in the middle of this grassy field. Her cute little finger on her chin makes me laugh because I can totally visualize her saying (if she could talk) “Uhhhh…. yea, I just dont know about this.”

And to tell you the truth, I was a little apprehensive too. I drive by this field quiet often and have always thought it would make a cool backdrop for photos. Driving by and looking at the field is one thing….. carrying an antique sofa and walking thru the field was another. I thought the grass would be about ‘thigh-high”; however, walking through it, it was more like waist high. Before heading into the grass, Mom looked over at me with a glance of uncertainty.

Despite all the doubt, I love the entire set of photos! I love the warmth of the sun and how it makes this sweet little girl’s pony tail glow. I love how the wheat looking grass looks so golden. Love it all! More sneak peek portraits to come soon!

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