Old Friend, New Friend? ~ Austin Family Photographer

I have to let you all in on a little secret…. it’s a bit embarassing but, it’s quite funny too. So I get a session request from a young woman named Roxane, I immediately think it’s my friend Roxane, who I haven’t seen in years. Last I saw her was about 4 years ago, and she wasn’t married or had any children. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, I get a session request email from Roxane, so I call her and was “chumming it up” with her like old friends. I was surprised to hear she was married now, which I then said “fabulous, congrats!”    She then tells me she has a son, and so I said “awesome, how old is he, is he a toddler?” She hesitated a bit and said “no, he’s 12 years old.”    When I further asked her to tell me a little bit more about her family, she told me to check out her facebook page so that I could see photos of them. I went to Facebook, check out her profile and I was instantly confused…. The girl in the photos had blonde hair just like my old friend Roxane, but didn’t really look the same as her. Could she have changed that much in 4 years? I even had my husband look at her page and I asked “Is this OUR Roxane?” He immediately said “Nope, not her.” Oh my, I felt absolutely silly!   I was so emabarassed.   Here I went on and on talking to this girl as if she was my old friend and she wasn’t.    She probably thought I was overly friendly or just plain weird! LOL!

Nonetheless, when we did meet up on Saturday for on session downtown, it really felt like we had known each other for years. Roxane is such a sweetheart and absolutely gorgeous!  I loved the clothes she brought to our session.   And her husband? Woozers, super handsome and very big! I had no fear of anyone coming around and running off with one of my cameras with this guy close by.   And last but not least, this young man, her son, who was so much fun and had such a great sense of humor.  He was just too sweet –  he even shared some of his lotion with me. I’ll definitely have to get some of the Tropical Passionfruit lotion from Bath and Body Works. Smells heavenly!

Thanks Roxane for a wonderful session this past weekend. I had alot of fun! Enjoy your sneak peek.

I love this blue wall.  It helps that my favorite color is blue, especially this colbalt blue.   

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