What to Wear Ideas ~ Austin Family Photography

Picking out clothing for your portrait session can be such an intimidating job; but it doesn’t have to be. I find that alot of families take the route of matching exactly, and although this is easy, it probably isn’t showing everyone’s true character ~ and revealing one’s true character is what shines in a portrait! The first thing to consider is your personality and your family’s personality. Are you an easy going group? Relaxed? Traditional? Contemporary? Fashion forward? Trendy? Next thing to do once you’ve figured out your style, is to pick out your one favorite outfit. It could be either yours, your child’s, or maybe even your husband’s. This gives you a good starting point – now build out from there. Pull colors out from that one outfit and have other family members wear something similiar in color and hue. If your favorite outfit has a patterned fabric with browns, creams, and blues, then have another family member wear a solid brown/tan shirt, another family member might wear an outfit with a deeper shade of blue than the blue in the first outfit. Also consider going beyond a single shirt, and use layers. Pull your look completely together right down to the shoes and accessories such as jewelry and hats.

Having your family decked out in stunning clothing finished off with a pair of tennis shoes, will clash and doesn’t necessarily go together. So leave those tennis shoes at home and choose more contemporary footwear. And when all else fails, go barefoot! 🙂 Also avoid clothing with large plaids & patterns or clothing with enormous logos or cartoon characters such as Bugs Bunny. These things tend to pull focus away from the people in the portrait ~ the goal is to create a timeless look that will be enjoyed for many years to come focusing on you and the connection you have to one another.

Here are just a few clothing ideas of what to wear for your portrait session with Rae of Light Photography this upcoming holiday season!

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