Our lil’ Elfie Rojo has been up to no good lately. At first, he was such a cute little elf & not causing any trouble. On day 4, the kids found him in the bathroom. They came up with the notion that he probably needed a bath after his long trip back from the North Pole. And of course, I added that it looked like he needed to floss his teeth too probably from eating too many of Mrs. Claus’ cookies. (hey you can blame a Mom from trying to encourage a little extra flossing).

Day 5, we found Elfie Rojo in Miss Teagan’s room. Just the day before, the kids and I watched Avatar, and I guess Elfie Rojo thought it would be fun to ride one of Teagan’s hanging butterflies just like Jake rode the mountain banshees in the movie.

But this morning….. yeah, Elfie Rojo’s mischievous side came out in full force. The kids found him sitting at the kitchen table looking quite guilty. He decided to make snow angels on the table. He also took one of the boys’ Monster Trucks and rode it through the snow leaving tire tracks everywhere. (as an added bonus, the cat decided to add to the action and left little white paw prints on the table as well).

I asked the kids if we should put Elfie Rojo in time out, but they said no. <---- guess they are feeling a little sympathetic. 🙂 Ashton volunteered to help clean up Elfie's mess. What a good boy! Elfie will definitely have a nice report to tell Santa tonight.

lori - December 7, 2010 - 1:53 am


Amy - December 8, 2010 - 5:45 pm

You are such a good mom! So creative in every aspect of life!

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