A New Year with a New Idea

I LOVE this idea….. And photographer Tara Whitney has done a fabulous job over the last year documenting her family. As I scrolled through her blog and viewed each month’s photo, I thought to myself, “I wonder how many photos I have of all 5 of us in it…. everyone in our family….. together….. in one photo.” And sadly, right off the top of my head, I have one. One photo with all of us in it as a family. Seriously folks, not even a snapshot, much less a professional looking photo. I’ve seen a ton of different forums and threads in the photography world encouraging us to take more photos of our families and life as they are in that moment. The 365 project (one photo, every day), the 52 photo event, (one photo, once a week for a year). Then I came across Tara’s idea of 6 people, 12 times; in other words, all 6 memebers of her family pictured in one photo, once a month. Ok, I think I can handle once a month, right? So beginning in 2011, I am going to *try* to keep this tradition going and I would like to encourage others to do the same, professional photographer & hobbiest alike. I don’t need anything super staged with new clothes, smiley faces, makeup on, just US as we are in that one moment.

*crossing fingers* Here’s to a wonderful 2011. I hope everyone has a safe and happy new year!

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