Oh Those Baby Blues

Serious baby blues, I might add. Meet Dani. She’s 4, full of energy (and questions), loves to twirl in a dress, and was such a joy to photograph this past weekend. Every couple of minutes she would ask me “What’s your name?” Me: “My name is Miss Racheal. What’s your name?” She would then tilt her head a bit, flash me her precious, almost mischievous grin, and softly say, “Dani.” Oh, I could just eat her up she’s just that sweet! What completely won me over was the moment that we started to cross the street to change locations, and she grabbed her Mommy’s hand, and then reached out towards me, wiggling her little fingers at me so that I would hold her other hand. Right then and there, I was a mushy, melted mess.

Aims - March 4, 2011 - 2:15 pm

Love this session, Rach! Beautiful girl and beautiful shots.

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