The power of vision

I recently read an article about the power of vision. Ok, let me explain, not the vision of just basically seeing something before your eyes, but truly having that intrinsic vision for your life, knowing what direction you want to go with your life and the steps you have to take to get there. Meet Sierra, she’s a 2011 High School Senior, (psst… and she’s my niece that I’m incredibly proud of) and she has worked her tush off to get a college scholarship to play basketball at Angelo State University next Fall after she graduates from Irion County High School. Sierra has this vision….. she knew what she needed to do to excel on the basketball court and in the classroom and her hard work and determination is paying off!

Once again, I feel like I should say so much more about this special young lady, but in order to say all there is to say would take more time and blog space than I have available. I love you so much Si and I am beyond proud of you! To Mom & Dad, give yourself a little pat on the back, ok a big ole pat on the back, a firm hand shake, and a big ole bear hug, you raised an amazing young lady! 🙂

Are these boots kick butt or what?    I felt they were so cool they demanded their own photo!  🙂

Sierra was a trooper.   I walked into the water with my bare feet with pants rolled up and squealed out loud because the water was so shockingly cold.   I then turned and told a little white lie yelling over  at Sierra on the river bank “Oh no, it’s not cold at all!”   I don’t think the grimace on my face was very convincing.      Love how the water looks and how Sierra looks so beautiful despite the cold water and from what I was told later, VERY rough and sharp bedrock.

Oh my, those eyes……

Jenny - March 29, 2011 - 3:10 am

These are gorgeous! You definitely have a knack for seniors.

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