Wait for it . . .

Wait for it. . . wait. . .  for . . . it . . .   Bingo!   We have a hug!   

This little guy had a bit of a hard time warming up to me the morning of our session. He did NOT want to have his picture taken. He stood off by a brick wall with the saddest face. And when I quietly went over to get the shot of him pouting (which I love pouty faces and so does Mom), he got so mad he ran off and hid in a corner screaming.  His Mommy told me to just let him get it out, have his “moment” and after that he should be fine. So, we did just that and after about 10 minutes he came around and started loving on everyone and smiling. Such a sweetheart! Him and his big brother are so adorable!

Even Grandma came to the session and got in on the action of the hugs and kisses!

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