Shiver Me Timbers

Elfie Rojo, or should I say pirate Rojo has returned for another year of fun at the Pulver house.   The kids found him hiding in the cabinets in the Treasure Island skull mug my husband bought during one of his trips to Vegas.   If you haven’t heard of the Elf on the Shelf, go check it out!  My kids love him!


 Everyday since Thanksgiving, the kids have hounded me, asking over and over, “When is Elfie coming back?”   Well, he finally made his appearance yesterday on December first, so that gives me 24 ideas to come up with…. the task seems daunting at this point, but I’m up for the challenge.   We are all still believers in our house.   I could have sworn that someone was going to spill the beans to my oldest son last year in school, but they didn’t.   Or if they did, Gavin didn’t believe them and didn’t come home asking questions.    So again, as I approach this holiday season with trepidation, I thought for sure that THIS would be the year.   He’s in 3rd grade…. isn’t this about the time that children start questioning?     I do know this, Gavin, who is 8 years old, and my two younger children, ages 6 and 5, still believe whole heartedly almost to the level of overkill.   Does this make me a great mom?   Or just a really great liar?   Ok, don’t answer that last question. 

  Just yesterday, a neighbor’s child came over to play and all the kids were so excited to show this little girl our Elfie Rojo.  Gavin explained the story, including all the details of his magic, and how he goes back to the North Pole every night, and how you are not allowed to touch him…. so, what does this little girl do?   Flat out say “He’s fake!”  And then proceeds to reach out and touch him.  The kids went ballistic, yelling at her “Nooooooo!”   I got up from the office and walked in and said calmly (although inside I was frantic)   “I think everyone needs to go outside and play now.”     So, I’m thinking this might be the year; the year that Gavin will start to ask questions.    It gives me solace to know that this letter is out there, so that when the day comes and I have to explain to Gavin about Santa, I have these words to remember. 

Until then….. let’s the Elf games begin!  🙂

ginny - December 9, 2011 - 9:23 pm

more elf on the shelf photos

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