Mommy & Me Sessions

Just in time for Mother’s Day!   I can honestly tell you that I wish I was doing these sessions.  I wish I had more photos with me and my kids in them together.     I am always behind the camera…. however, I am making an effort to change this with the Self Portrait x12 project that I am participating in this year.   There were years, <—- that’s plural folks, where you couldn’t get me in front of the camera because I hated the way I looked and I was embarrassed at how much weight I had put on over the years.   Fortunately, kids don’t see that.   Heck, I DON’T see it either when I see the very few photos I have of my mother, who thought herself to be overweight too back in the day.    I adored my Momma, and I am sad when I realize that the handful of photos that I do have of her are all I have.  I WANT more photos!   Although this one photo below is just a snapshot from the 1970’s, it is one of my favorites because the look on my Mom’s face is priceless.  She didn’t even care about smiling for the camera or bother looking in the direction of the camera, she instead is adoringly looking at my brother and me.  AND THAT’S EXACTLY what I remember most – her love for us, not the fact that she felt overweight.

 I love those photos of my Mom, and I know that my kids will feel the same when they look at the photos with me in them years from now.     So, whatcha waiting for?   Let’s celebrate motherhood!   Come spend some time with me on April 21st or April 28th and have a “playdate” with your children.   Not only will you have fun, laugh, play and build memories with your children, but I will be there to capture those memories in a photograph for you to cherish many years afterwards!

Sessions are limited.

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