What Size Canvas do I Buy?

When I first started buying canvases for myself, I hate to admit it, but I bought an 11×14 canvas thinking it was “big.”     Now granted there is nothing wrong with ordering an 11×14 canvas; however, what I do suggest to my clients is that they consider buying an 11×14 canvas grouping.  By grouping several 11×14 canvases on one wall, it makes for a better display.  About a week after I had my lonely canvas on the wall by itself, I went back and ordered several more to go with it.     I will on the other side of things admit that I have never bought a 30×40 canvas either.  I have a few photos in mind that I want to get printed in this size just haven’t jumped on it and done it.  Hopefully the photo below will help you visualize what each canvas size looks like.

From now, until the end of April, with each canvas that you order, you get a second canvas for 25% off.   Contact me to take advantage of this special offer.  racheal@raeoflight-photography.com or (512) 632-9517

 Happy canvas buying!!!

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