Lil’ Man turns One ~ Austin Texas Child Photographer

Little Elijah is now one year old and he is my adorable great nephew…. I think….. Never was really good at figuring this stuff out. Let’s see, his Momma is my niece and I’m her aunt, so that would make me this lil’ guy’s great aunt and he would be my great nephew? Nonetheless, he is 100% adorable and the sweetest thing ever.

The morning of our session, my oldest son didn’t want to go to the daycare place, so I told him he could come with me on my session but he would have to listen to me, not get in the way, and help me out.   And to my surprise, he was very helpful.


He carried my props (even put on one of the ties), he entertained Elijah behind me, trying to get him to smile and laugh, and he also held my reflector, although at times I had to tell him to “pull off” at bit because he was blinding everyone with it.     He worked for cheap too!  LOL!  A chocolate dipped ice cream cone from McDonalds was his fee.  I can deal with that!  🙂



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