Meet Miss Macy

Gavin, my oldest has been begging me for another kitty for months now.  Heck I think it was before Christmas that the whole idea of another pet came about.    On a whim a few weeks ago we stopped by the pet store to look at all the animals.    The kids stopped by the adoption center, and immediately Gavin fell in love with a sweet little yellow tabby named Jack.   We went into the little room and the attendant pulled Jack out for us to get acquainted but I knew we would not be able to adopt until after we came back from vacation.    We gave Jack hugs and a scratch behind the ear and left.    The entire next week on vacation,  Gavin would tell me “Momma, I can’t stop thinking about Jack.”    I tried to talk to him about the fact that if we did go back after vacation and Jack was gone, that it would be a good thing.  That meant that Jack was adopted and he was loved.    Less than 24 hours after arriving home from vacation, Gavin insisted we go see if Jack was still there.   In the rain, no less, we drug our crew of 5 up to the pet store.   Only a few cats were left…. Jack was gone.   Gavin was devastated.  He couldn’t hold back the tears and he began to sob right there in the store.    Poor kiddo, my heart went out to him.  Gavin really wanted Jack to still be there.    I secretly wished Jack had been there too.  🙁

Fast forward… on a whim (I need to stop doing these whim kind of things) we stopped into a different pet store to kill some time and look at all the animals.  I  could have sworn that this particular store did not have an adoption area…. LOL, but they did!   I didn’t want Gavin to be crushed again.    Heck, I didn’t have a pet carrier with me or anything.   We had no plans on adopting that day, but as soon as we walked in to see all the kitties, I knew I couldn’t do this again to Gavin.    The other children loved the idea of getting another kitty, but this was really what Gavin wanted and we discussed his responsibility for  a cat, and he understood & agreed.     About an hour later, Miss Macy was ours!

She did really well on her first day with us.   A little timid, still trying to figure out where she is, but for the most part, she’s happy!      This little spunky thing woke me up at 5am this morning … I forgot just how kittens can be, almost like a newborn.   She was up and ready to play.     What I love about her most so far is that I don’t even have to pet her and her “motor” starts going.  I simply raise my hand and before I can even make contact with my hand for a sweep down her back, she is purring like crazy.     We have welcomed her into our family and are completely in love with her!

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