Thursday’s This & That

A little of this, a little of that – just a few tidbits that are going on over at the Rae of Light Photography office.

1.  Just as a reminder to all my clients and soon to be clients that I am booking up for the holidays already.  I have a TON of Sept dates left, but for October, I only have 2 weekend spots left and November is looking pretty sparse for weekend sessions too.   I do have quite a few weekday spots open if you can come on a Monday – Friday morning.  <—– And if you can do weekday mornings, then you might want to consider my newest session – The Simple Session which runs $75 for up to 3 people!

2.  School is in full swing and the kids are finally back on a great schedule.   Homework however, is getting the best of me.  Keeping up with 3 children’s work and assignments, and when they are due…. uhm, yea, totally wiping me out.  I’ve gotta find a way to keep the who’s who in homework organized.

3.  Seems like Ashton’s love of reading has returned (somewhat).   We had a difficult time with him last year.  He was such an avid reader in Kindergarten, but in first grade his frustration was building.  But now, slowly, he is starting to find his love for reading again.   I captured this sweet shot of him getting his daily 20 minute read in with a certain attentive listener in his lap.  BTW,  I LOVE Frog and Toad books.  They were my favorite as a kid, and Ashton loves them too!

4.  Both boys are full swing into baseball now.   Gavin is really excelling this year and has improved so much from last year’s season.   He is not afraid to catch the ball and amazingly can throw really far with his skinny ole arms!  I couldn’t help snapping a few fun photos of Gavin’s baseball practice the other day.  He and Daddy were making fun of me because I was rolling around in the grass trying to get a great shot.  Anything for a great shot right?

Ashton, who is built like a brick house, uh, not so much!   He tries really, really hard, but his attention span is about a long as a toothpick!   He is the typical little boy  in left field picking flowers.   We hope that someday everything will click and he will find his love of the game.  If not, we might consider football.

5.  Teagan is doing great in school, except for the fact that she keeps talking in class…. and throwing rocks at little boys.  I think scholastically, she’s ready, socially, not so much.  I guess you can’t blame her, she has been at home with me since she was born and has never been in daycare.   I keep reminding myself that this will pass and hopefully she will settle into the classroom routine and rules.    She did loses her 4th tooth the other day which gives her the cutest little “window” in her mouth.   Oh yea, and that hair!  Lord help me!  This is so typical Teggies!   Her hair is a big ole mess most days.   Reminds me of the girl in Judy Moody which makes me laugh because her hair was all over the place too!

6. Finally, I don’t think I have posted this here (I know I have on Facebook), but I have opened up an Etsy shop! Fun huh? 🙂 I have started crocheting newborn/baby hats and bonnets for photographers. I offer a variety of colors and styles; some hats come with stretchy swaddling wraps. I just added, today no less, a new headband too! I love it and have really enjoyed getting my craft on! Check it out, it’s called Rae of Light Designs!

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