Elfie Rojo has Returned

The kids have been asking me for weeks when Elfie Rojo was coming back.   We had to think back to the previous years to remember, and they all agreed that he would probably show up on December 1st.   So we marked the day on our family calendar and as each day was marked off, the kids would announce “5 more days until Elfie comes…. 4 more days until Elfie comes….”   And lo and behold, there he was sitting on our couch on December 1st reading the Elf on the Shelf book to a few of his friends.


As the days followed Elfie Rojo has been quite nice; sitting in our new little kitty Macy’s stocking, helping himself to some syrup to cure that sweet tooth of his, riding my grandmother’s horse status, and playing with the hermit crabs.   Just this morning, Elfie made it look like winter by putting snow on the back porch window; although, he did have a little fun scribbling and doodling on it.



I have a sneaky suspicion that things are about to get a little crazy with him!   He’s been know to be a bit mischievous so I know there will be many more Elfie Rojo photos to come!



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