One Strong (and Happy) Buck – a – roo

“Show me your muscles” was all that needed to be said for this lil’ buck-a-roo to stop running around and playing for a brief moment so that I could take his picture. (Well that, and bubbles helped too)!   It was great to see Shane so happy and smiling. On several other occasions, Mom and I tried to get him to smile and take pictures with me through games, bubbles, candy rewards, etc  – Once HERE during a holiday mini session and then a second time HERE when we did his sister’s Charity Model Search Session.      Mom and I agreed that he must be a bit sensitive to the cooler weather on those days so we decided that we would choose a warmer day and plan our session around noon to get the warmest weather possible.  And guess what?   It did the trick!  He was the happiest I’d ever seen him.   Lesson learned; children pretty much tell ya straight up what they like and dislike right off the bat!

The last photo had me down right rolling in laughter and it totally needs more explanation. At the end our session Mom asks her little boy “what do penguins do?” And in response this is what he did! Apparently Mr. Popper’s Penguins is one of his favorite movies and the best part is the ending credits when the penguin bends over and “blows” the letters off the scene. I probably didn’t describe that the best….. take a look for yourself and see!

Oh, and you’re welcome!  Now you will have the song Ice Ice Baby stuck in your head all day!  😉


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