Joy and Happiness

I don’t think I’ve seen a more smiley baby than this lil’ guy!   Such joy and happiness!  Meet Mr. C and his Mommy & Daddy.  I dare you not to smile while looking at these photos!  I bet you can’t do it.  He’s a charmer for sure.  😉

Colby 1 ROLPColby 2 ROLPColby 3 ROLPColby 4 ROLPColby 5 ROLPColby 6 ROLPColby 7 ROLPColby 8 ROLP

Long, long ago, *cough*, back in the late ’80s Mr. C’s Mommy and I used to compete against one another in high school in track and field – see pic below.  Notice that she beat me – she’s in 2nd place, I’m in 3rd?  LOL!  She was a tremendous triple jumper and athlete!   Then a few years later,  she signed on to my college track team at Abilene Christian University where we were able to compete together.  Still couldn’t beat her then either.  🙂   Things sure have changed over the years, but when we met up for our session in Austin, it was like we hadn’t missed a beat picking up where we left off, talking and catching up.   It was wonderful seeing you my friend!

tongula 2tongula

[…] parents come all the way from the Houston area to see me and I have loved watching him grow.   Last year he wasn’t even crawling yet, and this year, well… you can tell that he is a RUNNER! Not much could stop him from exploring […]

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