Precious Last Moments

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some new photos on the blog and I am super excited to post these from last year.  <—– sounds like forever ago when I put it that way, but it’s only been one month. 🙂   Anyways, I absolutely adore this family!   Dad was supposed to be here for our session together but at the last minute he came down with a bad tummy bug and stayed home.  We sure did miss him but we soldiered on and captured some wonderful moments of Mommy and her little man.    Does this little guy look familiar?   I’ve showcased him and his Mommy quite bit on the blog this past year and a half.   I was blown away by Mom’s beauty during the first photo session I had with her when she was pregnant with her son.   Oh and how could I forget the special day this precious boy made his appearance?    The next time I saw him was when he began sitting up like a big boy and then there was this day;  the day he was finally walking and just in time before his baby sister was born.    He might not have realized just how precious this day was when he announced what his new baby sister’s name would be.   His Mommy wanted to capture special moments such as reading his favorite book to him and playing  funny face games with him knowing full well that it would be a little hectic once the new baby came.   I am so thankful to have witnessed these precious last moments with them.

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[…] appearance and everyone in the family is thrilled. You might remember when this baby girl’s big brother made the announcement of what her name was going to be; it was such a special time.    As you can tell in the photos […]

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