Flower Child

Isn’t this shot the sweetest?  The blanket reminds me of a giant rainbow colored flower.    I  love that mom wanted to incorporate this fabulous blanket into our session with her daughter. We did the same thing with her first daughter’s newborn photo shoot using a beautiful peach colored blanket that a loved one had made.    Also, you’ll notice that we used the same plum colored flower headband too for both girls.     Lil’ Miss E was such a great baby during our session; she gave me so many smiles!   I can’t wait to see how much she’s grown in the next few months.   Congrats Nicki & Stacy on another beautiful daughter.

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[…] a beautiful starburst/flower looking blanket!    I raved and raved about this neat blanket from her second daughter’s newborn session and how cool it looked in photos!    It was such a thought and meaningful gift.  My clients […]

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