This will be Elfie Rojo’s Last Year

Sad to say, but, yes, this year will be the last year that Elfie Rojo comes to visit us.   My kids are getting older, and for my oldest, I think he knows the secret behind the big guy in red, he’s just too afraid to ask.  So the gig will be up soon, plus, this momma is tired.  Yes, yes,  I know there are tons of Pinterest boards with loads of ideas, but with all good things, this too must come to an end.

And on top of all this, what’s up with the Elf on the Shelf backlash?  I’ve seen so many articles bashing the whole thing…. makes me sad.  We had a neighborhood boy come over to the house and comment on how fake and how creepy our elf was…. REALLY?   I didn’t say anything, but just thought how sad that his parents have put their own opinions on to him.    This whole Elf thing has been so much fun for my kids and for me.   There is very little wonder and magic in the world today, and I want my kids to hold on to a little bit of it for a little while longer.    Still to this day, FIVE years later, the kids wake up in the mornings, still half awake, and shuffle through the house with half open eyes, looking for Elfie.  And every morning when they do find him, it brings a smile to their faces.   We have made a lot of great memories and we have the pictures to prove it.   I did get a little burnt out last year and 99% of the time just used my iPhone to take the Elfie photos for our yearly book.  But this year, knowing it will be my last, I have a renewed sense of vigor.   I thought about it twice (heck more than twice) before posting our new Elfie Rojo photos today because of all the haters out there.  But, on the other hand, there are a lot of families that cherish this tradition, and since this is our last year, I’m going for it.   Senor Elfie Rojo (which is red in Spanish) arrives every December 1st, and his last day with us will be December 24th.   Here are the first couple of days so far.  Enjoy!

If you’re curious to see the last 4 years of photos, go take a look!


Elfie 2014 Day 1Elfie 2014 Day 2Elfie 2014 Day 3Elfie 2014 Day 4aElfie 2014 Day 4bElfie 2014 Day 5Elfie 2014 Day 5aElfie 2014 Day 6Elfie 2014 Day 7aElfie 2014 Day 7bElfie 2014 Day 7c


Kerri - December 8, 2014 - 11:37 pm

I love it……….maybe there is a hidden meaning in this tradition.

Maybe it’s an opportunity to say, “Listen, there will always be some people that will make fun/criticize, that doesn’t mean that we have to buy into their opinions. We have had fun with this. This gives us a highlight to the everyday, routine of getting up and starting our day. This gave you something to believe in when you couldn’t see it. It’s good to remember to believe in things you can’t always see. It’s good to learn now to ‘hope’ and ‘believe’ and ‘trust’. Now that you know how to do that, go find something real to hope, believe and trust in.”

I hope we will have it for many years to come! I hope we do it even after the ‘jig is up’. Maybe that looks like the kids hiding it for us to find or we each take turns. Who knows what it will actually become. I hope this, too, stays a tradition, even when the magic to proven to be the love of someone else doing something that makes you smile and bring you joy. Which, in my opinion, is magic!

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