We Played, We Smiled, We (He) Cried

What a fun morning I had with one of my favorite little redheads!   Love this lil’ guy!  I remember back at his newborn session, and how his light little peach fuzz head had that slight strawberry blonde look.  I so hoped he would keep his red hair and YES he did!   What a joy he was at his sitting session too.  Such a happy, smiley baby!

So now, as we come up to the point in all my Milestone Package clients time with me, we have come to the walking session which completes our time together.  As with this age comes mobility and curiosity and the inability (or the want to) sit still.  Mom and I got creative playing games and listening to music on her iPhone.  He was running around and playing so hard, that he actually lost his shoe!  See it in the iPhone pic?  LOL!  Too funny!   Also with this age, the kids typically let me know when they are done being photographed.    Done with playing, done with sitting, done with smiling, just DONE!   And Mr. F certainly let me know when he had reached his limit.  🙂



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