Senior Session with your Bestie

KK senior 1KK senior 1aKK senior 2KK senior 3KK senior 4KK senior 5kk 1kk2kk3kk4kk5kk6kk7What better way to commemorate your senior year, than have your senior photography session with your best friend?   These two girls had me in stitches, they were so much fun!  My mind was pulled back to the day that I was a high school senior, such sweet memories.   And I know that these two made some wonderful memories this day as well.  I love that they both wanted to include their talents into their session – one on the flute, the other a tremendous volleyball player.   And the VW Bug?!?!   OH!   And does anyone else think that the brunette’s beauty mark on her forehead looks like a heart?  Uncanny!  And pretty darn cool!   It just couldn’t get any better that day.

With all the hijinks and craziness going on with these two in the photos above, I did get a pretty awesome shot of them both showcased on my Facebook business page!  Go check it out!

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