Adored by All

This sweet baby girl has everyone in this family completely wrapped around her little finger.  Even when I got the two older siblings on the couch for some casual photos of them playing and singing to the baby, they both sat down and forgot all about me, taking turns stroking the top of her head, completely enamored.    This little angel was such a joy to work with, sleeping the majority of our session and only a few times waking up to see what we were doing.  I cannot wait for the next session when she is sitting up and I get to see how much she has grown.

Kyra ROLP1Kyra ROLP2Kyra ROLP3Kyra ROLP4Kyra ROLP5Kyra ROLP6Kyra ROLP7Kyra ROLP8Kyra ROLP9Kyra ROLP10

[…] It really does amaze me every, single, time at how fast my milestone clients grow within the first year.   It was just a few months back that I first meet Miss K during her newborn session just a tiny, sweet baby wrapped in pink. […]

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