Laughter and Fun

THIS family is so much fun! We spent the entire morning laughing and playing.   When I brought the wagon out,  I fully intended for big brother to give little brother a ride around the park, but it ended up just the opposite which was hilarious. Despite little brother’s 100% efforts in pulling, he could barely make the wagon budge. Nonetheless, the two boys had a blast. Over the last two years, I have come to know the mom through my work at school. I have enjoyed coming into her classroom –  it’s an organized, peaceful place where all her students are working hard on their assignments. After talking with her a bit more deeply, I have found that we are both kindred spirits.  During the session, her husband was razzing her about just how overly organized she is at home (as well as in the classroom) and I just kept nodding my head in agreement. I could totally relate; I do the same thing as well. I have always said, “everything has it’s place.” I am a happier, calmer person when things are clean and organized. It was nice to know that I am not the only person with such crazy, possibly over exaggerated tendencies.


I am looking forward to our next session.  I have a feeling that next time, little brother will be able to pull his big brother around in circles all over the park!  🙂


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