Better Weather, Beautiful Colors, Stunning Girls

I hate to admit this, but I am way overdue in showcasing these portraits from last year.  Funny how life has a way of getting busy and things slip past you.   I did showcase this gorgeous young lady with two of her best friends in this blog post last year. We sure had to deal with some crazy weather that afternoon!  However, at this next session, we had much better weather and the day couldn’t have been any nicer.  On this occasion, this senior gal brought along her younger sister for fun.  We had a blast exploring the old buildings and colorful alleyways.   Thank goodness we started early in the morning because  boy did it get hot later that day.

Ashlyn GAshlyn G1Ashlyn G2Ashlyn G3Ashlyn G4Ashlyn G5Ashlyn G6Ashlyn G7Ashlyn G8Ashlyn G9Ashlyn G10Ashlyn G11Ashlyn G12

Mom and Dad, thank you for a wonderful day with you and your two girls! On a side note, I went to high school with these two girl’s parents. I love how there are times in life when things come full circle.


Ashlyn G13



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