All in for a Donut

It’s been pretty quite over here at Rae of Light Photography, but it always does this time of year.   Everyone is busy getting back on a school routine, plus August is usually super hot and who wants to get outside for an on-location photo shoot and melt.  Nonetheless, I’ve been itching to get out and take some shots.  So when you don’t have any sessions booked, the next best thing is to torture your own kids.   I haven’t dragged them out for photos since last Christmas and before that it was almost a year ago for back to school photos so they should be easily convinced to go right?  Well….. not really.  No matter how much I tried to pep it up, it wasn’t until I sweetened the deal with the offer of a donut afterwards as a reward.   Things went smoothly for about 30 minutes and then I started getting the “I’m tired” “my legs don’t work” “I’m thirsty” “Moooooooommmmmmm” speeches.    OH, and THIS is the face I started getting along with the I’m tired speech.

Im tired


Oh well, it was still fun and I have some updated photos of my two youngest kiddos.  (BTW, it didn’t matter how many donuts I offered, my oldest vetoed my photo shoot idea with an adamant NO!)



I did follow through with my promise!  Surprising how donuts can solve so many ailments!


donuts copy

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