Happy Go Lucky ~ Round Rock Child Photography

Getting my middle boy to smile for the camera is darn near impossible.   He is this happy-go-lucky kid that has too much to explore and discover than to stop and smile for the camera.     As we started out last weekend for our photo adventure, he gave this look  and about 10 others that were very similar….


Round Rock Family Photographer9


Then I got a few “strong man” poses….


Round Rock Family Photographer6Round Rock Family Photographer7


And then, he felt like he needed to pose with the remains of a flower that he de-petaled…….


Round Rock Family Photographer8


Aaaannnndddddd he had to give me the “duck face” look too……


Round Rock Family Photographer4


After this, I decided to strap my camera around my neck and let it hang on my hip.  I thought, “Ok son, I get it.  Your message is coming in loud and clear.”  We walked about a mile up the dirt road and talked about what most 10 year old boys talk about – clouds shaped like dragons… look Mom I found a rock that looks like an ax…  if we see a snake, I can kill it with my ax, to which he proceeded to demonstrate the over exaggerated hacking motion with great enthusiasm.    It was then, in that moment that he relaxed and began to get lost in his own outdoor world.    THESE are his happy moments, his happy-go-lucky moments.  Love this boy!


Round Rock Family Photographer5

Round Rock Family Photographer2

Round Rock Family Photographer1Round Rock Family Photographer1aRound Rock Family Photographer3

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