All You Need is Love & Soccer

I couldn’t get the song “All You Need is Love” out of my head when I saw that Mom dressed her son is a super cool Beatles shirt.   And then to add to my excitement,  Dad pulls out a custom made soccer jersey with matching socks and shorts…..  *throwing in the towel* ….. I was done!   I didn’t know which one is cuter; both outfits were amazing!   The good thing is, is that the parents don’t have to decide which one was better!  With the all inclusive session packages that I offer now, they don’t have to pick between photos, they get them all.

I was in cuteness overload at this photo shoot.   I mean, come on, look at that face! He is definitely one that you want to just gobble up. I can’t imagine what it is going to be like next year when he is completely mobile and walking, or should I say running, on his own.  NOTE TO SELF:  pack running shoes for next year’s session and maybe a water bottle too.  I am sure to get lot’s of exercise chasing this boy around.  🙂


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