New and Absolutely Perfect

Getting the text from my clients telling me that they are new parents is so very exciting.  I run in and tell my husband enthusiastically the news and he looks at me like I’m a little bit crazy.  Well, ok, I get it, my clients are not my blood relatives, however, I do get to know them during our time together.   We talk quite a bit before the session and during the session, and well, after the session too.  So yea, I do feel like I get to know them and I am truly excited for them when I hear the news that their baby has arrived.      And so was the case here.  This sweet baby girl couldn’t be more perfect!   She did so well during our session, sleeping like a champ and allowing me to pose her this way and that.   Towards the end of our time together, she started to wake so we moved outside to get some photos with mom and dad.

Round Rock Newborn 1Round Rock Newborn 2Round Rock Newborn 3Round Rock Newborn 4Round Rock Newborn 5Round Rock Newborn 6Round Rock Newborn 7Round Rock Newborn 8Round Rock Newborn 9Round Rock Newborn 10Round Rock Newborn 11Round Rock Newborn 12Round Rock Newborn 13Come to find out, the reason she woke up was that she was hungry!   Makes me giggle when babies latch on to just about anything when it’s time to eat!

Round Rock Newborn 14


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