Got Questions? We have answers!

Don’t let questions get you down!   On this page, you’ll find the answers to the most frequently asked questions my clients ask. If you still don’t find your answer, please contact me at any time.

1. Where do we do the photo shoot? Do you have a studio?

I do not have a studio at this time (however, it might be in the cards in the years to come). We can do your photo shoot anywhere you want. There are several great locations in and around the Round Rock and Austin area that I can suggest, but I am pretty much up for any new location. The ultimate goal is for the location to match the look & feel you want – the place needs to represent…. well, YOU! Do you want the soft backdrop of nature at a local park or do you want the edgy urban feel of a downtown photo shoot? I am always up for an adventure!  We can discuss location options during our client consultation and I can answer any further questions or concerns you may have.

2. What do I wear? I don’t know where to even start?

What to Wear Client Guide

First place to start above.  I’ve pinned lots of ideas of what to wear on my Pinterest board.

 Still don’t know? Shoot me an email and we can work out the details even more!

3. When should I get my maternity portraits done? How far along should I be?

My rule of thumb on this is that you can take your maternity portraits at anytime you want to take them. However, I have found that the best time photographically is usually between 28 and 36 weeks. At 28 weeks you are big enough to look pregnant & have that Mommy “glow.” And usually at around the 36 week mark,  Mom starts to get a little more uncomfortable & the aches and pains of pregnancy start to creep in.   And that pregnancy glow, yeah, that’s usually just from being hot and sweating. LOL!   But like I said before, we can do pregnancy portraits at any time before or after the 32-36 week window, it’s up to you and how you feel.   As a Mommy, you know your body better than anyone else so if you are still feeling great at 39 weeks, then by all means let’s get your session booked.

4. How do I schedule a newborn photo shoot for my baby when I don’t even know when he/she will be born?

I get this question alot! First of all, I will need to know your due date. We then can look at my calendar and block off some dates around the time of your due date. When your sweet bundle of joy finally does arrive, contact me immediately and we will nail date a specific date and time for your photo shoot. I prefer to hold newborn sessions within two weeks of birth so that I can capture those sweet snugly newborn poses.

5. From start to finish how will my experience with Rae of Light Photography go?

After our initial conversation either via email or phone, we will choose a date for your photo session that works best for you and your family and my schedule. From here, you will pay for your session either through  the Book Your Session Page or I can take a credit card over the phone using my office credit card terminal. Before our session together, I will call you or email you (which ever is more convenient) and we will discuss clothing options, locations, any type of photographs you are wanting, etc. After our session is done, within the next few days, I will post a sneak peek on my Facebook fan page  showing you a photo  from our session.  Feel free to tag yourself in the photo and share with your family and friends on Facebook.  All I ask is that you do not edit the photo or crop out my logo.  I’ll be honest, it is a shameless way for me to advertise my photography to other people and I want the photo to represent the quality that I provide.   Clients have told me over and over how much they look forward to their sneak peeks! 2 weeks after our session, your gallery will be done. I will email you a link so that you can download the photos to your own computer.  A flashdrive of your jpeg photo files can be purchased if you’d like to have a back up of your photos.    From this point, you get to have a lot of fun purchasing the prints, albums, canvases, etc from the list of preferred vendors that I provide!

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