A Moment of Silence

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season (and height of holiday photography too), it was nice to look up from editing sessions at my computer,  to see my sweet girl perched in the window sill, quietly drawing.   Poor girl has been very sick the last 4+ days with fever and cough, but today, she seems to be feeling much better, back to her old self.   We didn’t say a word to each other, just both of us plugging away at our own separate tasks, enjoying the cool morning air, and listening to the birds chirping away outside.   It was a simple moment of silence, but it spoke volumes to my heart!

Feeling better ROLP

Worth the Wait

I’ve know this little girl’s parents for a long time now and for years they have struggled with infertility.  So imagine my excitement when they announced that they were pregnant!   Beyond thrilled!  This precious bundle of joy has made their life complete and I was honored to be a part of it all.  Check out their gorgeous maternity session from a few months ago.   Congratulations Josh and Deanna!  Miss A was definitely worth the wait.


Walk Down Memory Lane

From time to time, I will go through my hard drive and look for photos that cross my mind and I will stumble upon images that I forgot about.  Love this!   Brings back so many wonderful memories and makes me realize just how much my kids and our neighbor’s kids have grown.  HERE is the original post from 2010…… but I never finished posting the rest of the photos from our MLK play date at Central Market.  We used to say the dirtier the kids were at the end of the day, the more fun the kids had playing.  And boy, were these kiddos filthy!    I’m enjoying the walk down memory lane this morning and I hope you are too!


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