Mommy Tickles are the Best

Jack #1Jack #2

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You can’t help but smile when you see those first few shots of Jack when his Mommy was sneaking in a hand to tickle him. What a joy this little boy was; so much energy! Our entire session was more like one big playdate with him. We took wagon rides around the yard, rocked on the rocking horse, swung in the swing, and lastly he got on Daddy’s tractor and we pretended to work in the yard. Love how he puts his seatbeat on when he is in the seat. Safety first! It has been my honor and pleasure to photograph this handsome man over the last year and a half. He is one of my Milestone clients and I have loved watching him grow up before my eyes! Check out his newborn session HERE and his sitting session HERE and HERE!

Such Sweet Moments

Oh how I loved photographing this lil’ one!  I loved all the sweet little moments from this session from the touch of Daddy’s hand holding his son’s tiny hand to all the sweet Mommy snuggles and cuddles.    I love the delicate swirl of hair on the tops of baby’s heads…. and oh the smell of all that baby goodness.   I certainly get my baby fix every time I have a newborn session and it’s great!   Such a handsome boy with gorgeous skin and big brown eyes.   I cannot wait to see him for our next session together when he is finally sitting up on his own – he’s already got the smiling part down!   A natural in front of the camera for sure. 😉

Shrey Newborn 1Shrey Newborn 1aShrey newborn 2Shrey newborn 3Shrey newborn 4Shrey newborn 5Shrey newborn 6Shrey newborn 7Shrey newborn 8Shrey newborn 9

Coffee Shop Love

V#8ROLPV#9ROLPV#11ROLPV#12ROLPMeet the gorgeous Victoria!   When she first contacted me about her senior session, she told me she wanted to incorporate latte art into her photos.   So call me an old fogey, but I had no idea what that was and had to google it.   Once I saw the images of latte art the light switch went off!   OH, I know what that is!  (maybe I’m not such the old lady I thought I was).     What a unique idea!  We had so much fun at the coffee shop; afterwards, we went out and explored the streets of Austin.  It was a amazing experience and I love when my clients come to me with their personalized ideas for their sessions.   Here are some more portraits from our day!  Enjoy!


It was a cold, rainy day….

Sounds like the beginning of a novel or something but nope, it was the start of my senior session with Ashlyn and her girl friends.    Her mom and the entire group drove all the way into Austin from the Houston area for this session and even though the weather was less than cooperative, we decided to just got for it and see what we could capture, all the well knowing, that things would have to be rescheduled for another date.   Although it wasn’t the sunny type photos Ashlyn wanted, there is something kind of cool about the moody sky and steel blue warehouse in the background.

Ashlyn #1Ashlyn #2Ashlyn #3Ashlyn #4Ashlyn #5Ashlyn #6Ashlyn #7Ashlyn #8

These girls were troopers for sure!  It was raining, the wind was blowing, and it was in the low 40s.   While transitioning into the next set of photos and moving stuff over to the next area to shoot, I look over and had to snap a quick pic!   Believe it or not there are 4 girls in this photo wrapped up in blankets and huddled close to keep warm!  Troopers, I tell, troopers!

Ashlyn #9


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