Princess in Pink

Such a sweet little princess has arrived!  Shhhh…. don’t wake her!   More from this wonderful session to come.

Abigail ROLP #1

[…] her newborn session that she was surely going to “rule the roost” and be Daddy’s princess with the rhinestone tiara we had her wear.   And it is certainly no denying that both her mommy and daddy are completely […]

Twice as Nice

What a wonderful time I had with the M Twins! As soon as I arrived and started setting up, big sister wanted help me. She talked my ear off the entire time as if she had known me forever. She is such a vivacious and spunky little girl with lots of personality. I have a feeling she is going to be a fabulous big sister to her two new brothers. The M family invited me into their home with open arms. It was a laid back session where Mom and Dad relaxed on the bed with the boys while Miss S ran around the bed, laughing and smiling.   I loved every minute of it!    Oh!  And did I mention I got my baby “fix.”  Since my kiddos are so big now, I cherish the times I get to spend with my clients and their newborns.   All the little sounds, and grunts…. sigh….. pure Heaven!   During one of our breaks between shots, Mom fed one baby while I fed the other.   Just doesn’t get any better than that!


My Middle

My middle child…. there is a special place in my heart for this guy!   About 4 years ago, I took my middle child out for a photo shoot, him and only him.  And the years that follow, I’ve made an effort to have one-on-one time with him so that he has his own special time with me, with my full attention.   I have really loved this alone time with not only him, but my other two children as well.  It’s so special!    My daughter’s session and my oldest son’s session were so much fun with their own look and personality; my middle son’s session has it’s own look and feel as well complete with the red Vans that he just HAD TO HAVE for school and his request for me to capture him doing a leprechaun jump.   Where does he come up with these ideas?

Ashton #2 ROLPAshton #3 ROLPAshton #4 ROLPAshton #5 ROLPAshton #6 ROLPAshton #7 ROLPAshton #8 ROLPAshton #9 ROLPAshton #10 ROLPAshton #11 ROLPAshton #12 ROLPAshton #13 ROLPAshton #14 ROLPAshton #15 ROLP

Be Kind, Middle School

I had all good intentions of showcasing these new photos of my soon-to-be middle schooler and go on and on about how grown up he’s gotten and how excited he is about going into 6th grade this coming year.  However, as I sat here and edited them, an overwhelming feeling came across me…. sadness.  Middle school was so tough for me, not just the school aspect, but the social and physical parts too.  Hormones, puberty, oh yea, let’s add those to the list as well.  I worry for him.  I know how mean kids can be and it makes me afraid for him.   The momma in me just wants to wrap him up and protect him and not let anyone ever hurt his feelings or break his heart, but I guess those things, unfortunately,  are all a part of life, of growing up.   Life….. (sigh)….. it sure can be tough.   But, it can also have great joys and happiness too.   I pray that I have armed him with the emotional skills to handle it all and I hope that I have built our bond so strong that he will come to me when he needs to talk or when he is curious about something he heard or saw at school.   I am sure I will go through these emotions two additional times with my middle son and daughter….. and probably again when all three go into high school.   Lord help me!   I’ll be saying a little prayer come August 26th for myself and all the other mommas out there feeling the same way.



With her trusty companions, Oreo and Nacho, and dawning a new hair cut, my daughter and I headed out last night to capture her beauty (and silly side). The light was perfect, so warm and golden!

The late, great Maya Angelou once said,

Precious jewel,
you glow, you shine,
reflecting all the good
things in the world.