Sweet Brotherly Love

This little boy couldn’t have asked for more loving brothers. Another one of my favorite photos from this session can be found on my Facebook Fan page where they all three are snuggling up to one another.   These two brothers were both just so sweet and attentive. Loved it!

Do you recognize the little boy in the blue shirt?   His newborn session can be seen HERE and HERE.   I truly feel honored when families call me to come back with each new little soul that enters the world.

And oh my goodness, LOOK at those cheeks!    I’ve seen some updated photos of Baby B since our session and those cheeks are now twice this size; such a happy, healthy boy.   And who can resist newborn smiles???   That last photo is the best!   Welcome to the world sweet Baby B.  I’m looking forward to seeing you grow up with your brothers in the years to come.


Mommy Tickles are the Best

Jack #1Jack #2

Jack #3aJack #3Jack #4Jack #4aJack #5Jack #6Jack #7Jack #8



You can’t help but smile when you see those first few shots of Jack when his Mommy was sneaking in a hand to tickle him. What a joy this little boy was; so much energy! Our entire session was more like one big playdate with him. We took wagon rides around the yard, rocked on the rocking horse, swung in the swing, and lastly he got on Daddy’s tractor and we pretended to work in the yard. Love how he puts his seatbeat on when he is in the seat. Safety first! It has been my honor and pleasure to photograph this handsome man over the last year and a half. He is one of my Milestone clients and I have loved watching him grow up before my eyes! Check out his newborn session HERE and his sitting session HERE and HERE!

Such Sweet Moments

Oh how I loved photographing this lil’ one!  I loved all the sweet little moments from this session from the touch of Daddy’s hand holding his son’s tiny hand to all the sweet Mommy snuggles and cuddles.    I love the delicate swirl of hair on the tops of baby’s heads…. and oh the smell of all that baby goodness.   I certainly get my baby fix every time I have a newborn session and it’s great!   Such a handsome boy with gorgeous skin and big brown eyes.   I cannot wait to see him for our next session together when he is finally sitting up on his own – he’s already got the smiling part down!   A natural in front of the camera for sure. 😉

Shrey Newborn 1Shrey Newborn 1aShrey newborn 2Shrey newborn 3Shrey newborn 4Shrey newborn 5Shrey newborn 6Shrey newborn 7Shrey newborn 8Shrey newborn 9