Keeping with a Tradition

Go back and take a look at this lil’ guy’s older sister’s sitting session.   Ok, now, do you see something similar?    Yep, the rocking chair!   I love that Mom wanted to incorporate the same chair for baby brother’s sitting session just as she did for her daughter’s session 2 years earlier.    Not only do I love the chair, but LOOK at that fabulous hair!   I just couldn’t get enough of this sweet lil’ red head’s smile.  It lit up the entire morning!

Ford #1 ROLPFord #2 ROLPFord #3 ROLPFord #4 ROLPFord #5 ROLPFord #6 ROLPFord #7 ROLP

Keepsake Session in the Bluebonnets

Wow…. just wow!   This evening’s session was so amazing.  The wind was a bit strong, but other than that, the weather was nice, the sun was setting giving off this buttery soft light, and this little girl, who is only 5 years old by the way, totally rocked it!   I haven’t known too many children at this age that can take direction for that length of time.  Yes, for a few minutes, but not for the entire session.  She did soooooo good!

Faith Keepsake (6)ROLP

Ok, second wow, LOOK at that dress!  Seriously gorgeous!   As soon as Faith, the little girl, put it on, you could tell she was happy.  She stood a little taller, running her hands over the skirt and stopping to touch the small beadwork on the bodice.  Mom and I had to laugh a bit because the dress had a built in support system for the, *ahem* chest area and Faith became quite fascinated with it.  And the Pièce de résistance, the veil!  The combination of pearls and rhinestones was just beautiful.

Faith Keepsake (17) ROLP

Lastly, the sweet, petite bouquet.   I was trying to find something small and delicate (and fast & somewhat affordable) for our session so I made a quick trip to my local HEB.  Most of the things there where mixed or in vases.  I asked the florist for help and told her what my intentions were and she immediately pulled these perfectly pink roses.  She cut them, wrapped them in ribbon complete with pearl pin fasteners, and sprayed the leaves and petals with something to help them shine and look dewy.  I couldn’t have asked for more!

Faith Keepsake (29)ROLP

Don’t know what a Keepsake session is about?    Well it’s a fun way for your little girl to play dress up in your wedding dress.      I’m still booking Keepsake Sessions through April so contact me if you are interested.   Now to the slideshow!  Enjoy!


Flower Child

Isn’t this shot the sweetest?  The blanket reminds me of a giant rainbow colored flower.    I  love that mom wanted to incorporate this fabulous blanket into our session with her daughter. We did the same thing with her first daughter’s newborn photo shoot using a beautiful peach colored blanket that a loved one had made.    Also, you’ll notice that we used the same plum colored flower headband too for both girls.     Lil’ Miss E was such a great baby during our session; she gave me so many smiles!   I can’t wait to see how much she’s grown in the next few months.   Congrats Nicki & Stacy on another beautiful daughter.

Emma #1ROLPEmma #2aROLPEmma #2ROLPEmma #3ROLPEmma #4aROLPEmma #4ROLPEmma #5ROLPEmma #6ROLP

[…] a beautiful starburst/flower looking blanket!    I raved and raved about this neat blanket from her second daughter’s newborn session and how cool it looked in photos!    It was such a thought and meaningful gift.  My clients […]

From Kindergarten to 5th Grade

You know the old adage “time flies.”   Well it certainly does, and way too fast for my tastes.  I was contacted by Gavin’s school that they will be doing  a video slideshow showcasing all the 5th grade students that will be graduating in just a few short weeks.   They wanted parents to send in a photo of their child from the time they started kindergarten to now.    It’s hard to believe that this chiclet toothed little boy is now about to be a middle schooler next year.

Gavin BW RoLPGavin xmas ROLPKrispy Kreme Gavin ROLP

What happened to my silly little boy that used to make funny faces at me? He’s now a serious looking 5th grader who gets embarrassed when I kiss him goodbye in the school cafeteria in front of his friends. Don’t ya love how you can torture them so easily at this age? LOL!

Age 10 ROLPbaseball ROLPPensacola 033 ROLP

I love to scrapbook and I made this scrap page of Gavin recently that pretty much sums it up perfectly. It’s hard to believe he was once so small and now he is growing up so fast.

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