First Comes Love

then comes marriage…. yah yah, you know the rest…. but I honestly have to say, it is really neat to see this scenario play out in photos and to be witness to it each step of the way.   Meet Racheal and Ryan, then and now.







To now 2016  –


Round Rock Maternity Photographer 1Round Rock Maternity Photographer 2Round Rock Maternity Photographer 3Round Rock Maternity Photographer 4Round Rock Maternity Photographer 5Round Rock Maternity Photographer 6Round Rock Maternity Photographer 7Round Rock Maternity Photographer 8

By next month, they will have a new little person in their photos – I can’t wait!!



A Senior and her Sister

Round Rock Senior Photography1Round Rock Senior Photography2Round Rock Senior Photography3Round Rock Senior Photography4Round Rock Senior Photography5Round Rock Senior Photography6Round Rock Senior Photography7Round Rock Senior Photography8Round Rock Senior Photography9Round Rock Senior Photography10Round Rock Senior Photography11Round Rock Senior Photography12Round Rock Senior Photography13Round Rock Senior Photography14Round Rock Senior Photography15Round Rock Senior Photography16Round Rock Senior Photography17Round Rock Senior Photography18Round Rock Senior Photography19

This beautiful 2016 high school senior doesn’t have to look far for her #1 fan and supporter; she simply turns to her older sister.   Both are naturally stunning, and the session went smoothly without a flaw.  Lots of laughter and smiles that lit up the springtime evening.  In her questionnaire she wrote that her main goals for our time together were:

I want to remember who I was Senior year, not just what I looked like. God is a huge part of my life and who I am, so I hope that shines through my photos. I am kind of introverted, but I do have a fun side that I would like to capture, so you will have to be patient with me. I want my photos to look natural and joyful. If it is possible to incorporate my sister into a couple photos.  She is 20 years old and we are really, really close.

Check, check, and check… I think we did it!  This coming Fall, Texas A&M will be gaining an amazing young lady and 4 years from now, when she graduates with a degree in education, there are going to be many blessed children who will have her as their teacher.  Good luck and God bless you in your journey Miss K.  I have no doubt you will accomplish everything you set your mind to.

Attention – Someone has a Special Announcement

Round Rock Child Phtographer1Round Rock Child Phtographer2Round Rock Child Phtographer3Round Rock Child Phtographer4Round Rock Child Phtographer5Round Rock Child Phtographer6Round Rock Child Phtographer7Round Rock Child Phtographer8Round Rock Child Phtographer9Round Rock Child Phtographer10Round Rock Child Phtographer11Round Rock Child Phtographer12Round Rock Child Phtographer13Round Rock Child Phtographer14Round Rock Child Phtographer15Round Rock Child Phtographer16

This was such a fun session!   Mom contacted me simply wanting some updated portraits of her sweet lil’ man, some family photo with her and her husband, and some photos with the grandparents.  Fast forward to about 4 days before the session and she contacts me once more to ask a little favor.   She wanted to get a few photos to make the announcement that she was expecting another baby but at the time she was just barely a few weeks along, so these photos would have to be kept on the down-low until she was further along.  Well, let me tell ya, it was hard keeping this a secret.   I work with the mom at Teravista Elementary and had several colleagues ask me how the photo shoot went with our fellow teacher.   Oooo, I had to bite my tongue and be super vague in my responses.   Not anymore!   The mom finally gave me the go ahead to share, so here you go!  Enjoy!   I am excited to see this beautiful family welcome a new little one to their lives.