Holiday Cheer

As soon as I saw this family pull into the parking lot and step out of their car, I squealed! What a perfect holiday combo of colors and instantly put me in the Christmas spirit. We even had other park patrons commenting on how cute the girls looked in their red and black dresses. It was soooo windy and cold that morning, but you truly couldn’t tell; these girls were such troopers smiling and playing the whole time. You can tell they are going to be the best of friends when they grow up. One of my favorite photos of them looks like they are telling secrets!


I adore the Texas photo with the feet! Mom and I did something similar with just her first daughter so I knew I wanted to capture this same photo again but now with both daughters.

A Ray of Sunshine

…. on a dreary day.  Oh man, could we not catch a break for this session.  Seems like the forecast had chances, BIG chances, of rain every single day when mom and I were trying to fit this little girl’s sitting milestone session into the books.  After a few rescheduled days, we finally went for it despite the damp and humid air.

It really does amaze me every, single, time at how fast my milestone clients grow within the first year.   It was just a few months back that I first meet Miss K during her newborn session just a tiny, sweet baby wrapped in pink.


Oh these last two photos…. yep, I think that’s a wrap! Children have a way of letting me know when they have had enough and are done being photographed. 🙂

Future Engineer

To listen to this young lady talk about her future plans for college, you know that she is going to accomplish anything she sets her mind too. She driven, adventurous, and absolutely stunning. She will be attending “the one and only Texas A&M” in the fall to study engineering.

Her and her mom were so willing to do anything, even when I stopped them half way to our water location to ask if they’d like some photos with an old vintage truck, which was totally unplanned, they both said YES! Opening up that creative freedom to me is wonderful. I not only wanted to capture her sweet smile, but also her determined side and  her fun side. I just love how her nose scrunches up when she laughs.

Miss K, you were amazing to work with during your session! Thank you for the opportunity to photograph you for your senior portraits!


Don’t Blink

And just like that 9 years have passed…..


Stuff like this makes my heart melt and ache at the same time. Although this sweet girl isn’t my own daughter, those bittersweet heartstrings are being pulled in my chest as if she was mine. It truly is an honor to do what I do, documenting each year, each lost tooth, each inch grown, and in the blink of an eye this once chubby belly, tutu wearing toddler has blossomed into a very smart, and gifted young lady. As I dab the wetness from my eyes, I will say, “Here’s to another 9 years!”

All You Need is Love & Soccer

I couldn’t get the song “All You Need is Love” out of my head when I saw that Mom dressed her son is a super cool Beatles shirt.   And then to add to my excitement,  Dad pulls out a custom made soccer jersey with matching socks and shorts…..  *throwing in the towel* ….. I was done!   I didn’t know which one is cuter; both outfits were amazing!   The good thing is, is that the parents don’t have to decide which one was better!  With the all inclusive session packages that I offer now, they don’t have to pick between photos, they get them all.

I was in cuteness overload at this photo shoot.   I mean, come on, look at that face! He is definitely one that you want to just gobble up. I can’t imagine what it is going to be like next year when he is completely mobile and walking, or should I say running, on his own.  NOTE TO SELF:  pack running shoes for next year’s session and maybe a water bottle too.  I am sure to get lot’s of exercise chasing this boy around.  🙂