My Daddy is Taken

“Sorry ladies, my Daddy is taken!” Gotta love that shirt and the cute little tutu this precious princess is wearing in the last couple of photos. The parents and I predicted long ago at her newborn session that she was surely going to “rule the roost” and be Daddy’s princess with the rhinestone tiara we had her wear.   And it is certainly no denying that both her mommy and daddy are completely smitten with her.

It was so great seeing this family again; one year passes so quickly.  It’s funny, when a year races by and I finally get to see my Rae of Light babies, how much they have changed and grown, however, when I look into their sweet faces, I can still see glimpses of that powder fresh newborn I photographed just 12 months earlier.   I am looking forward to seeing what the next 12 months will bring.


Abigail ROLP1Abigail ROLP2Abigail ROLP3Abigail ROLP4Abigail ROLP5Abigail ROLP6Abigail ROLP7Abigail ROLP8Abigail ROLP9Abigail ROLP10Abigail ROLP11

Happy Go Lucky ~ Round Rock Child Photography

Getting my middle boy to smile for the camera is darn near impossible.   He is this happy-go-lucky kid that has too much to explore and discover than to stop and smile for the camera.     As we started out last weekend for our photo adventure, he gave this look  and about 10 others that were very similar….


Round Rock Family Photographer9


Then I got a few “strong man” poses….


Round Rock Family Photographer6Round Rock Family Photographer7


And then, he felt like he needed to pose with the remains of a flower that he de-petaled…….


Round Rock Family Photographer8


Aaaannnndddddd he had to give me the “duck face” look too……


Round Rock Family Photographer4


After this, I decided to strap my camera around my neck and let it hang on my hip.  I thought, “Ok son, I get it.  Your message is coming in loud and clear.”  We walked about a mile up the dirt road and talked about what most 10 year old boys talk about – clouds shaped like dragons… look Mom I found a rock that looks like an ax…  if we see a snake, I can kill it with my ax, to which he proceeded to demonstrate the over exaggerated hacking motion with great enthusiasm.    It was then, in that moment that he relaxed and began to get lost in his own outdoor world.    THESE are his happy moments, his happy-go-lucky moments.  Love this boy!


Round Rock Family Photographer5

Round Rock Family Photographer2

Round Rock Family Photographer1Round Rock Family Photographer1aRound Rock Family Photographer3

All in for a Donut

It’s been pretty quite over here at Rae of Light Photography, but it always does this time of year.   Everyone is busy getting back on a school routine, plus August is usually super hot and who wants to get outside for an on-location photo shoot and melt.  Nonetheless, I’ve been itching to get out and take some shots.  So when you don’t have any sessions booked, the next best thing is to torture your own kids.   I haven’t dragged them out for photos since last Christmas and before that it was almost a year ago for back to school photos so they should be easily convinced to go right?  Well….. not really.  No matter how much I tried to pep it up, it wasn’t until I sweetened the deal with the offer of a donut afterwards as a reward.   Things went smoothly for about 30 minutes and then I started getting the “I’m tired” “my legs don’t work” “I’m thirsty” “Moooooooommmmmmm” speeches.    OH, and THIS is the face I started getting along with the I’m tired speech.

Im tired


Oh well, it was still fun and I have some updated photos of my two youngest kiddos.  (BTW, it didn’t matter how many donuts I offered, my oldest vetoed my photo shoot idea with an adamant NO!)



I did follow through with my promise!  Surprising how donuts can solve so many ailments!


donuts copy

An Athlete’s Final Year

From football, to soccer, to track…. this student athlete does it all. When I look at his senior session portraits, it takes me back to my own high school athletic career and the fond memories that I have of those fleeting times. I hope that Mr. C stops and relishes every single second of his senior year in sports. It truly goes by way too quickly. So in true fashion, we wanted to incorporate some of the sports theme ideas into our time together. What luck that we were able to get access to the sports stadium this particular day. Our session was in June so everything school related is pretty much locked up for the summer. Nonetheless, the parents pulled a few strings, and BINGO we were in! As our time together came to a close, I couldn’t resist capturing the sun setting behind the stadium. It was a beautiful moment as our photography session came to an end.

Collin Senior 10Collin Senior 9Collin Senior 8Collin Senior 7Collin Senior 6Collin Senior 11Collin Senior 5Collin Senior 4Collin Senior 3Collin Senior 2Collin Senior 1

Roland & Harriett McDonald - August 30, 2015 - 10:17 pm

Truely a beautiful set of photos in a great setting of a fantastic grandson, Collin McDonald. We love and cherish you Collin. Grandad Ro and Granny Harrie