The Girl in the Blue Dress

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Oh how I love the color blue! And I loved this blue dress. I wish they made it in my size. It has truly been an honor watching this sweet girl grow up over the years. I first photographed her when she was 2 years old and now, if memory serves, she is a very tall 8 year old!

A Hug for Daddy

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Back in September, this little guy’s Daddy (and Mommy) were in a horrible motorcycle accident.  Thankfully the beautiful Mom pictured above has recovered and is back with her little man.  Unfortunately, his Daddy is still in the hospital.  Mom contacted me a while back to set up a photo shoot so that her husband could have some updated photos of them both while he recovers in the hospital.   They both miss him dearly!    Lots of love could be felt between these two.  This little guy hugged his Momma so hard, I think Daddy must have felt it too!   Get well Tyler!   Everyone hopes to have you home soon!

Last Year’s Elfie Rojo

Can you believe that we only have 39 more days until Christmas? Crazy huh? So if you are like many Elf on the Shelf fans you are probably already gearing up for some exciting things for your elf to do this year. Our Elfie Rojo doesn’t show up until December 1st, but I know my kids are already wishing he was here already. I only posted a few shots of our elf shenanigans from last year, so here are the rest that didn’t get posted yet!  Enjoy!


Cowboys or Buffalos?

This family is definitely one after my own heart when it comes to football. Although Mom and Dad have their own preferences for which team they love, I think little man here has his own opinion which team he is going for! How fun is this? What an amazing session with so many wonderful portraits.

I had the honor of meeting this little man’s grandma that day. This is her first grandchild so I for sure wanted to get a few shots with her. As I’m clicking away, I look down and noticed he was trying and trying to get a hold of one of his fingers. Didn’t take him long to find it! Score! Can you hear everyone in the internet world say “awh!?” Yep, I just did! Sweet beyond words.

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Christine Davis - November 15, 2013 - 2:46 am


Perfect Stocking Stuffers

These little 3×3 accordion albums have always been a client favorite especially during the holidays!  They are the perfect size for a stocking stuffer or I’ve had one client use them as a little added decoration on the outside of a larger wrapped present.  <— so it’s like getting two gifts in one!   These come 3 little albums to a package so stock up after your next session for Christmas coming up in, dare I say…. 47 more days!  Each album has a protective frosted cover with a magnetic closure.     Lots of different album cover options are available in tons of colors and textures.  You choose your favorite 10 photos and I’ll do the rest!   Easy peasy lemon squeezy as my daughter would say. :)

3x3 ROLP#13x3 ROLP#1a3x3 ROLP#1b3x3 ROLP#1c3x3 ROLP#23x3 ROLP#33x3 ROLP#43x3 ROLP#5