Mr. Spot

Our cat brought us a “surprise” this morning on the front porch.   After closer inspection, this little guy was still alive and breathing, however he did have a pretty good puncture wound on his back.  Teagan became instantly attached to him and insisted that we help him.  So she quietly held him, and stroked his head while I doctored him up.   It will be a tough lesson to learn if he doesn’t make it. :(   I think it will be an even tougher lesson if he does make it and we let him go back into the wild. :(

Mr Spot ROLP

His name is now Mr. Spot. (see the tiny white spot on his head?) BTW, we don’t even know if he is a HE.

Benji is going to be a Big Brother

Meet Benji!  He is going to be a big brother next month in March.  He is a fearless protector of his Mommy and Daddy and an avid bird chaser. :)


This soon-to-be Mommy and Daddy couldn’t think of getting maternity portraits done without including their first “baby.”   We had a wonderful time together exploring the Long Center and Butler Park. Mom told me that her and her husband really love downtown and wanted to be able to incorporate that into their session. The bright colored clothing along with the dramatic backdrop of Austin and beautiful Texas sunset, all came together to make some amazing photos. Looking forward to hearing the good news of this sweet bundle of joy’s safe arrival.


Things have been quiet lately

It sure has been quite over here at Rae of Light Photography, but that is pretty typical for this time of year.  The weather here in the Austin area has been so up and down lately.   Most days are cold and wet in January and February, and who wants to be out in that trying to photograph a session?  Not I said the fly!  :)  I think we, my family and the rest of the Austin area,  are all ready for Springtime; no more of this weekly freezing weather thing we’ve been having for the last month or so.

ice again ROLP

Bring on the bluebonnets!  Bring on the warm weather!   Can I hear an “amen?”

bluebonnets ROLP

Nonetheless, it is actually beneficial for me to have things slow down a bit this time of year as far as sessions go.  It’s gives a time to reflect about the direction I want my business to go, get caught up on all things financial and tax related for Rae of Light, and helps me to regroup mentally and become inspired again.

A quick update for those of who are interested.  Coming up in March, sessions are starting to get booked and my schedule is getting quite full, so if you are wanting to get a session done in March (or April for that matter), don’t delay!  Contact me soon.  I’ve had a tremendous amount of inquires about Spring Break week, which is March 10th through the 14th.  <—-which is also SXSW time too. Also something to keep in mind is that bluebonnet season is coming up and I know many of you like to keep the tradition of getting your photos taken each in year with our beautiful State flower. I’m keeping my eye out for some new fields and also bookmarking this fabulous site as well. These sessions will most likely happen towards the end of the month of March, possibly early weeks of April depending on what comes up this year. Let me know if you are interested in pricing for bluebonnet mini sessions.

Lastly, totally unrelated to business…. look at this sweet freckle face.  (This photo is a benefit of being an early riser.  My son would probably be completely embarrassed that I am posting a photo of him sleeping).

Gavin sleeping

How is it possible that we are discussing electives, core classes, and clubs already?   I look at this face and still see the little baby with the jaw line like my Daddy’s and the little button nose that I used to push and say “beep.”  He will be 11 years old in a few months and by next Fall he will be a 6th grader.    Make it stop!  Slow down.  He might be ready, but I know I am not.

A Sweet New Addition

Sweet little Audrey Elise made her appearance and everyone in the family is thrilled. You might remember when this baby girl’s big brother made the announcement of what her name was going to be; it was such a special time.    As you can tell in the photos below he is quite smitten with her as well.   At one point during the session, Mom and I were trying to get big brother (who is all of 17 months old and very active) to sit with his new sister.  She began to cry and it was so sweet!  He simply stroked her head softly and gave her a kiss.  Two seconds later, he was done and was up trying to find the next thing to play with!  LOL!

Congratulations Sean and Kristi!  You have a beautiful family and I am proud to have been a part in capturing it all this last year and a half.