Keepsake Sessions

Keepsake Sessions ROLP


I wanted to let everyone know that I will be offering these sweet keepsake sessions starting in March when things hopefully start to perk up a bit and stop this every-other-week-freezing thing we have been having lately.   I first showcased these back in October and had some interest in them, but alas the weather started getting cooler (and my schedule was jam packed with holiday sessions).    I am so ready for some spring weather and for everything to green up again.   I am also ready to photograph these sessions again!  They are so much fun!   I know Pinterest is full of these boards where you photograph your little girl wearing your wedding dress, and I think it is such a unique idea, one that will be cherished now and in years to come.     How neat would it be to gather up a few of your friends with their daughters and spend an afternoon together making memories with me?  Each session is 20 minutes and there are two options depending on  your session needs.  Inquire about session dates and times!

Here are just a few of my favs from my own daughter’s session.  *tear*   Slideshow of all the photos can be seen here.

Wedding dress promoWedding dress promo2Wedding dress promo3Wedding dress promo4

[…] still booking Keepsake Session through April so contact me if you are interested.   Now to the slideshow!  […]

Precious Last Moments

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some new photos on the blog and I am super excited to post these from last year.  <—– sounds like forever ago when I put it that way, but it’s only been one month.:)   Anyways, I absolutely adore this family!   Dad was supposed to be here for our session together but at the last minute he came down with a bad tummy bug and stayed home.  We sure did miss him but we soldiered on and captured some wonderful moments of Mommy and her little man.    Does this little guy look familiar?   I’ve showcased him and his Mommy quite bit on the blog this past year and a half.   I was blown away by Mom’s beauty during the first photo session I had with her when she was pregnant with her son.   Oh and how could I forget the special day this precious boy made his appearance?    The next time I saw him was when he began sitting up like a big boy and then there was this day;  the day he was finally walking and just in time before his baby sister was born.    He might not have realized just how precious this day was when he announced what his new baby sister’s name would be.   His Mommy wanted to capture special moments such as reading his favorite book to him and playing  funny face games with him knowing full well that it would be a little hectic once the new baby came.   I am so thankful to have witnessed these precious last moments with them.

Elliott #1ROLPElliott #2ROLPElliott #3ROLPElliott #4ROLPElliott #5ROLPElliott #6ROLPElliott #7ROLPElliott #8ROLP

[…] appearance and everyone in the family is thrilled. You might remember when this baby girl’s big brother made the announcement of what her name was going to be; it was such a special time.    As you can tell in the photos […]

Remembering 2013

Wow! What an amazing 2013 year it has been! I look back at all my sessions over this last year and the one word that comes to mind is family. Not only have I photographed and witnessed so much family love, but also, I consider all of you my Rae of Light family.  You have graciously allowed me into your lives for just a few brief moments, however, I will remember those moments for a lifetime. I have witnessed the anticipation of a new baby, and seen how you welcome your new child with love and adoration.   I have witnessed parents who bravely knew that despite their unborn son’s diagnosis, chose to carry their baby boy to term in order to celebrate each precious moment they could with him. I have also participated in revealing a new preganancy to a Mom and Dad’s older children and seen the excitement and surprise on their faces when they found out they would soon have another sibling.   I love watching my newborn clients change so much in their first year of life from squishy little bundles of joy to very active, independent toddlers.  I get to be a part of families celebrating the fact that their “baby” is now a high school senior and will soon leave the “nest.” The joy and disbelief that the time has gone by so fast, undoubtedly written on their faces.   All such tender moments which I hold close to my heart.  Thank you for making 2013 so memorable!


Joy and Happiness

I don’t think I’ve seen a more smiley baby than this lil’ guy!   Such joy and happiness!  Meet Mr. C and his Mommy & Daddy.  I dare you not to smile while looking at these photos!  I bet you can’t do it.  He’s a charmer for sure. ;)

Colby 1 ROLPColby 2 ROLPColby 3 ROLPColby 4 ROLPColby 5 ROLPColby 6 ROLPColby 7 ROLPColby 8 ROLP

Long, long ago, *cough*, back in the late ’80s Mr. C’s Mommy and I used to compete against one another in high school in track and field – see pic below.  Notice that she beat me – she’s in 2nd place, I’m in 3rd?  LOL!  She was a tremendous triple jumper and athlete!   Then a few years later,  she signed on to my college track team at Abilene Christian University where we were able to compete together.  Still couldn’t beat her then either. :)  Things sure have changed over the years, but when we met up for our session in Austin, it was like we hadn’t missed a beat picking up where we left off, talking and catching up.   It was wonderful seeing you my friend!

tongula 2tongula

A Heart Reflected

Anyone else see the heart? When I started editing this image, I saw the heart shape in the reflected water and was amazed that I caught something so unique. This underwater maternity session was held months ago back when it was much, much warmer. Can’t even imagine holding one of these sessions now (even in a heated pool) in our 32 degree weather.   Well, maybe I could do an underwater maternity session if the pool was heated and it was indoors.    Thinking back, even in September, my teeth were chattering the entire session.   I’m very cold natured, unlike my mommy-to-be client who commented that she thought the water felt great.:)I wanted to send out a huge congratulations to this beautiful Mommy for finally having her baby! Excited for you and your new adventures into motherhood!

Austin underwater maternity #1ROLPAustin underwater maternity #2ROLPAustin underwater maternity #3ROLPAustin underwater maternity #4ROLPAustin underwater maternity #5ROLPAustin underwater maternity #6ROLPAustin underwater maternity #7ROLP

I will be offering these limited edition underwater maternity sessions again in 2014 so stay tuned for my available dates. :)