Flower Child

Isn’t this shot the sweetest?  The blanket reminds me of a giant rainbow colored flower.    I  love that mom wanted to incorporate this fabulous blanket into our session with her daughter. We did the same thing with her first daughter’s newborn photo shoot using a beautiful peach colored blanket that a loved one had made.    Also, you’ll notice that we used the same plum colored flower headband too for both girls.     Lil’ Miss E was such a great baby during our session; she gave me so many smiles!   I can’t wait to see how much she’s grown in the next few months.   Congrats Nicki & Stacy on another beautiful daughter.

Emma #1ROLPEmma #2aROLPEmma #2ROLPEmma #3ROLPEmma #4aROLPEmma #4ROLPEmma #5ROLPEmma #6ROLP

[…] a beautiful starburst/flower looking blanket!    I raved and raved about this neat blanket from her second daughter’s newborn session and how cool it looked in photos!    It was such a thought and meaningful gift.  My clients […]

From Kindergarten to 5th Grade

You know the old adage “time flies.”   Well it certainly does, and way too fast for my tastes.  I was contacted by Gavin’s school that they will be doing  a video slideshow showcasing all the 5th grade students that will be graduating in just a few short weeks.   They wanted parents to send in a photo of their child from the time they started kindergarten to now.    It’s hard to believe that this chiclet toothed little boy is now about to be a middle schooler next year.

Gavin BW RoLPGavin xmas ROLPKrispy Kreme Gavin ROLP

What happened to my silly little boy that used to make funny faces at me? He’s now a serious looking 5th grader who gets embarrassed when I kiss him goodbye in the school cafeteria in front of his friends. Don’t ya love how you can torture them so easily at this age? LOL!

Age 10 ROLPbaseball ROLPPensacola 033 ROLP

I love to scrapbook and I made this scrap page of Gavin recently that pretty much sums it up perfectly. It’s hard to believe he was once so small and now he is growing up so fast.

Who Are You

Look at this Deal for April

Take a look at this deal

April is going to be DOUBLE DIGITAL month! I have found that more and more of my clients want the digital images from their session and I can’t blame them! So for the month of April when you purchase a Custom Session (or a Senior Session) you can qualify for this awesome deal. Space will be limited for the month of April so don’t delay in contacting me.

Double Digital Sale ROLP

Mr. Spot

Our cat brought us a “surprise” this morning on the front porch.   After closer inspection, this little guy was still alive and breathing, however he did have a pretty good puncture wound on his back.  Teagan became instantly attached to him and insisted that we help him.  So she quietly held him, and stroked his head while I doctored him up.   It will be a tough lesson to learn if he doesn’t make it. :(   I think it will be an even tougher lesson if he does make it and we let him go back into the wild. :(

Mr Spot ROLP

His name is now Mr. Spot. (see the tiny white spot on his head?) BTW, we don’t even know if he is a HE.