Session Detour

As I arrived to my session with this cute lil’ mister man, I started to set up my backdrops while his mommy topped him off with a little bit more milk.   Twenty minutes later, with feeding and burping done, he was starting to doze off.   All looked good as we started to get him situated on the blanket, slowly shushing him to sleep with some gentle pats on his bottom; Mommy on one side, me on the other. Then without warning, he spits up big time all over the blanket, a little on me, a little on mom, and a lot all over himself. Poor thing started to cry.:(Mom scoops him up for an impromptu bath which wakes him up even further. So what do you do with a fresh clean baby who is wide awake and far from being sleepy? Snuggles with mommy of course! It was so special. Nothing too set overly posed, just Mommy and baby, snuggling in the morning light from the stained glass door. The love was palpable. Guess he just needed some extra love that morning because it didn’t take him long to settle in and fall asleep for some individual portraits at the end of our time together.

[…] Remember this lil’ fella?    I wondered if the red hair was going to stay and sure enough, it did!   This handsome guy was ready to show off his sitting skills during his session.  Such a big boy now! […]

The Pulver Family

Tiffany with Avant Images in Pensacola definitely had to have her game face on with my crazy crew.   My kids are typically good when it comes to photo shoots with me or with another photographer but boy that evening on the beach with Tiffany, they came out with both barrels blazing with PCS (Photographer’s Child Syndrome).    Tiffany captured lots of great moments despite the episodes of PCS here and there.   She handled it all with such grace and patience; love her!

It is funny,  when I told my husband that I wanted to hire someone this year to take our annual beach portraits his reply was, “can’t you just take the photos?”   Well, yes I can but I really wanted to relax this year and be IN the moment with my kids without my photographer’s hat on.   Our beach portraits from 2011 and 2012 were great, but I only really got maybe one or two photos with me in them.   This is where Tiffany comes in and she rocked our session!   I truly cherish these photos.   Lots of wonderful moments captured.   Here are just a few of my favorites from our time together.



Just to give you an idea of what Tiffany had to deal with……

There is the bunny ears shot…..


The “my son has the cray cray face” shot….



And the “sour puss” face because we told my oldest not to do the bunny ears….

Those Last Moments with Just One

The last few weeks leading up to the arrival of another little family member are so precious.   I have known this beautiful momma-to-be for so long now and I’m thrilled that she has recently added a daughter to her family.     Seems not long ago we were documenting her first pregnancy with her son.     <—– goodness, my photography style has changed quite a bit since 2009.  What a difference 4 years make.

We had a very special afternoon together and when I saw this field of pink flowers I knew that it would make for a perfect backdrop for a maternity shoot celebrating a baby girl.   Lots of love, cuddles, kisses and one doozey of a secret, which by the look of it, it must have been a good one considering Mom’s reaction.   I shared an extra photo from this session on my Facebook fan page.  Tammy you are one gorgeous Momma and so photogenic!  I don’t’ think there was one bad photo in the whole gallery.    Congrats on the birth of your daughter!

Memories Made in Pensacola

1600+ miles later and we are finally home!   It went way too fast.   Although our family vacation to Pensacola was just last week, I already feel it was ages ago.  After downloading 500 or so images, I now have the task of culling & editing.  As I started to go through all of the photos, so many fond memories flooded my mind, so here are just a few things that caught my eye.  I will try to post more in the weeks ahead.


My oldest boy looking all miffed that I am making him wait to go to the beach.   He didn’t want his picture taken that morning at all.    I love that his hair has grown out, makes him look more beach-y.


Countless sand dollars, bits and pieces everywhere, but we never found a whole one. And believe me between my husband and my middle son, if there was a whole sand dollar on that beach, they would have found it. Pretty much everyday, both of them were bent over searching and searching.


We watched this guy for over an hour casting out each of his lines in hopes that he would catch something. Nonetheless, it made for a pretty picture as he paddled his kayak back to shore.


The boardwalk to our condo.   Not sure the allure of getting this shot, guess it just screams beach to me.



Like a fish to water…. this girl loves the waves! No fear either.



Sandy toes.  On a side note, after washing our vacation clothes yesterday, I am still finding sand in pockets and in my dryer. This stuff gets everywhere!



Endless pushes by my hubby! Everyday, he was out there, helping each child catch a wave. 3 kids x 4 beach trips x 3 hours per trip  = sore muscles. Poor guy would walk down the stairs of our condo in the morning groaning at how sore he was.



Joe Patti’s is a must if you visit Pensacola and want the freshest seafood around.



Speaking of Joe Patti’s, our friends came over to the condo one night and we feasted on grilled oysters, BBQ shrimp, and grouper.   It was delish!  About as quickly as it came off the grill, someone was putting it in their mouth.  We grazed the entire evening.



The National Naval Aviation Museum was another big hit with not only the kids but also my husband and I.  My husband’s dad was in the Air Force and my daddy was in the Navy.    Sooooo much stuff to see. Tremendous amount of history preserved in one place. We watched an IMAX movie about the history of flight and about the Blue Angels. So wished we could have seen them fly in real life.


Oh the sunsets! They transform into so many colors in Pensacola from pinks and purples to fiery oranges and reds. It’s mesmerizing.



Beach warnings. For the most part the waves were easy and fun but the last few days of our vacation the yellow flag was flying and it sure was rough. Too rough for the kids; I was a very nervous Momma. We ended up building sandcastles and sticking close to shore on yellow flag days.


Oochie shells – well at least that is what we call them. I’m sure there is an official name for these little critters but for simplicity sake we call them oochies. When the waves come into shore, these shells get tumbled about and after a few seconds they turn themselves pointed end down and “ooch” themselves back into the sand. Hence the oochie shell got it’s name in the Pulver family.


Souvenir shop embarrassment! I just had to do it!  He was reluctant to pose but he did it for me!  Love that boy!


One of my middle son’s favorite things to do – karate chop sand balls. Tirelessly packing wet sand into a perfect sized balls, toss and chop! Hours of entertainment!


The dunes! Neat area, full of tall sea grasses and wildlife.  Signs are posted that people should stay off the dunes so that they stay intact and to help preserve the animals that make their homes there.

The Beach is Calling my Name

It is that time of year, family vacation!   The beach (along with a good book and a glass of wine) is calling my name.   Rae of Light Photography offices will be closed from June 28th through July 7th.    I hope everyone has a fabulous 4th of July.  See you on the flip side!