Frozen #2 ROLP

One day we are in the 80s the next we are in the 30s.  Got out for a brief, very brief,  moment this afternoon and took a few shots of the frozen drops of water.   Love it when the wind blows and your can hear the ice crackling on the leaves.   If only we lived a little further north or west, we could have gotten some snow.

Frozen #1ROLP



Happiness with a Horse

Nicholas #1 ROLPNicholas #2 ROLPNicholas #2a ROLPNicholas #3 ROLPNicholas #4 ROLPNicholas #5 ROLPNicholas #6 ROLPNicholas #7 ROLPNicholas #8 ROLPNicholas #9 ROLP

Oh, to get so much happiness out of one little rocking horse, but that is exactly what happened.  This lil’ man had a blast riding my rocking horse session prop – lots of smiles were produced with it.  The entire family was full of smiles as well despite the super cold weather that morning. I asked Mom via text before the session if she wanted to push back our start time so that we could benefit from a little bit warmer weather. She replied with an emphatic no!  She worked hard that morning getting her kiddos (and hubby) up, dressed, and fed for the session and they were ready to go. Honestly, I don’t blame her. Getting my crew of 5 out the door some days can be a definite challenge. Nonetheless, it did warm up and we were able to capture some really fun moments!

The Girl in the Blue Dress

Ramsey #1 ROLPRamsey #2 ROLPRamsey #3 ROLPRamsey #4 ROLPRamsey #5 ROLPRamsey #6 ROLPRamsey #7 ROLPRamsey #8 ROLPRamsey #9 ROLP

Oh how I love the color blue! And I loved this blue dress. I wish they made it in my size. It has truly been an honor watching this sweet girl grow up over the years. I first photographed her when she was 2 years old and now, if memory serves, she is a very tall 8 year old!

A Hug for Daddy

Zane 1 ROLPZane 2 ROLPZane 3 ROLPZane 4 ROLPZane 5 ROLPZane 6 ROLPZane 7 ROLPZane 8 ROLPZane 9 ROLP

Back in September, this little guy’s Daddy (and Mommy) were in a horrible motorcycle accident.  Thankfully the beautiful Mom pictured above has recovered and is back with her little man.  Unfortunately, his Daddy is still in the hospital.  Mom contacted me a while back to set up a photo shoot so that her husband could have some updated photos of them both while he recovers in the hospital.   They both miss him dearly!    Lots of love could be felt between these two.  This little guy hugged his Momma so hard, I think Daddy must have felt it too!   Get well Tyler!   Everyone hopes to have you home soon!