Beautiful in Blue

Did you know blue is my favorite color? So when this beautiful girl shows up for her session with me in this gorgeous dress, I knew it was going to be good! We headed out early and walked the streets of downtown Austin, stopping here and there to take photos. As we walked by the “Open Your Mind” mural, I was hoping and praying Mom would stop so that we could incorporate it.  Downtown Austin is so much fun!


I had such a great time with these two! Can’t wait to see what location we use next year!

The Golden Girls

blog post insert photo



So I guess I can’t really title this Golden Girls because Daddy is in the photos too, but I couldn’t resist, I mean, LOOK!  The warm sun setting in the background, the three beautiful little girls dressed in coordinating outfits, and the gorgeous, glowing Momma, how could I NOT title this blog post as I did?     Despite the all this, this was one of those sessions that almost wasn’t.   As I recall, I think we rescheduled this 3 times due to sickness, a family emergency, and bad weather.   The evening of our session, as I talked to Mom, I could tell she didn’t feel all that great and sounded like she was getting sick.   But she pushed through, smiling the entire time, and we captured some precious moments.  On a side note, she contacted me the next day saying she had the flu.  What a trooper!

In my client questionnaire, I ask my families what their goals are for our time together.   Mom posted that she wanted-

“A few posed photos, then a few photos capturing us being us, kids holding hands, kissing baby sister, laying with baby sister and a few individuals of each just being them.” 

Done, done, and done!!!  I love this session.  Here is a small snippet of memories.  Enjoy the slideshow!



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Lil’ Pumpkin

This lil’ guy made the cutest pumpkin ever!   Mom and Dad had the idea, back in the Fall, to incorporate a pumpkin into their maternity session which, I in turn, wanted to also include in their newborn session with their new lil’ man.   This was a dream session!    There were so many things Mom, Dad, and I wanted to accomplish during the newborn session and I say we accomplished 99% of them.

EmCole #3EmCole #1EmCole #2EmCole #4EmCole #5EmCole #7EmCole #6The photo above is very special to this lil’ guy’s Daddy.   He wanted to include a photo with his boots (on the right) and Momma’s boots (on the left).   Daddy’s boots were made by M.L. Leddy’s in San Angelo, Texas.   Now growing up in West Texas in the San Angelo area, I am very familiar with the name  M.L. Leddy’s, but I was not aware of the special details behind the company.   As I was told, M.L. Leddy’s custom measures and hand makes boot especially to fit you, and they’ve been doing this for generations.  The Daddy told me that his own Dad and Grandfather all have custom made boots as well, and that all their boot measurements are stored on handwritten cards in the back office.    How cool, right?    I think I know of another young man who will have his own pair someday.

And lastly, I couldn’t resist snapping off a quick shot of this…..


EmCole #8We were about to sit on the bed and do some family photos of all three of them and this sweet boy started to get a little fussy.  He just wasn’t settling in and calming down, so Daddy decided to give him a quick cuddle.   It wasn’t until afterwards, I realized… “um, hello?!?”  I was in the mirror reflection.