Graduation Time

It is that time of year again – graduation time! I was honored to be able to photograph this young man commemorating his senior year. We had so much fun during our session, even his sister got in on the action.   This senior guy has an amazing mom who is a very dedicated teacher for Round Rock ISD.    My own son had the privilege of having her for his 4th grade year and to this day says that she was one of his favorite teachers.   Congrats to you all!



Sweet Sisters

Such sweet sisters, and then in a blink of the eye, they are no longer newborns. Here is Miss J’s newborn session and then soon after, I got to photograph Miss E’s newborn session. I have been watching these two since they were born and I have a soft spot in my heart for them and their Mommy and Daddy. I get to meet so many wonderful families in my line of business, and I am such a sucker and tend to fall head over heals for my clients. It’s a bonding experience for me to watch a husband and wife transition into their roles of Mom and Dad.  I look forward to our next session to see these two sweet sister’s relationship grow!

EJ #1EJ #2EJ #3EJ #4EJ #4aEJ #4bEJ #5EJ #6EJ #7EJ #8

Sierra ~ ASU Graduating Class of 2015

Anyone recognize this wonderful young lady?   Just 4 short years ago, I did her high school senior portraits.   I knew back then, that she was going to go places with her life and my goodness has she!     *Warning*   I am about to do a little bragging about my niece….. First of all, she graduated college in 4 years.    Yes, yes, I know they say that is the norm, however, you’ve really got to strap down and each semester has to be full hours and a few summer school classes are probably thrown in those 4 years too,  to be able to graduate that quick.    She was also named Who’s Who for ASU and is graduating with a perfect 4.0.   So she’s smart and beautiful and has an unwavering faith in God.   She took a mission trip to Belize last summer and did some amazing work there with school children.    She will be heading to Texas Women’s University this coming Fall to start in their prestigious physical therapy program.   I am so very proud of her which is, I know, not even close to what her parents, my brother and sister in law, feel about their daughter. ❤


Sierra ROLP2Sierra ROLP3Sierra ROLP4Sierra ROLP5Sierra ROLP6Sierra ROLP7

John ~ Round Rock Senior Class of 2015

I have really enjoyed photographing this family over the past few years.  I first photographed John’s oldest brother back in 2010 for his senior photos.  I then followed up a couple of years later, and photographed his other brother back in 2013 for his senior session.  So imagine my surprise when mom called me up and said that it was time for John’s senior portrait session.  I just couldn’t believe that her “baby”  was old enough to be a high school senior already.    Makes me reflect on my own family and how I know that some day, this will be my situation.  Time just flies by way to fast….


John Austin Senior session 1John Austin Senior session 2John Austin Senior session 4John Austin Senior session 4aJohn Austin Senior session 5John Austin Senior session 6John Austin Senior session 7John Austin Senior session 8John Austin Senior session 9The last couple of shots, where John is playing around with the basketball, were a special request from mom.  There is special meaning to them.  You see, John, in his young life,  has already fought and beat cancer.   Mom wanted to showcase just how far he has come and just how strong he is now.  The only visible scar that is left that is indicative of his long cancer journey, is the one on his leg, which to me, barely shows up.  He is an amazing young man, who, with his strength and determination, is going to do great things his life!   Congrats John!

The Rain Couldn’t Stop Us

This is one of those sessions that was on the verge of having to be rescheduled due to the rain, but lucky for us, about 10 minutes into our session, the drizzle went away and we were able to have some fun. Recognize this little guy? He and his parents come all the way from the Houston area to see me and I have loved watching him grow.   Last year he wasn’t even crawling yet, and this year, well… you can tell that he is a RUNNER! Not much could stop him from exploring the entire park that day.   I thought for sure that my wooden rocking horse would be a hit with him and slow him down enough to get some sitting still shots, but it took Mom getting on the pony to show him that it was a lot of fun!     I am already looking forward to our next session!

Steddum ROLP 1Steddum ROLP 2Steddum ROLP 3Steddum ROLP 3aSteddum ROLP 3bSteddum ROLP 4Steddum ROLP 5Steddum ROLP 6Steddum ROLP 7Steddum ROLP 8

Tongula Steddum - March 22, 2015 - 3:31 am

This was the most fun day! Colby always delivers and so do you, Rachel!