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 You have taken all the classes, passed all the tests, and you are heading full speed to graduation.   Looking back over the last couple of years of high school, you have grown so much; you’re ready to tackle what life has in store for you.    Document this special time in your life with a senior photo session with Rae of Light Photography.

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Are you interested in becoming a senior representative for Rae of Light Photography?

Are you a high school student who will be graduating soon?   Are you a parent of a student who will be graduating 2012  and think your son or daughter would be a perfect spokesperson and representative for Rae of Light Photography?

If the answer is yes, then I’ve got some great opportunities for you!

So what exactly does a Senior Rep do?

Being a Rep means that you are a spokesperson for Rae of Light Photography Senior sessions.  All you have to do is show off your awesome photos to all your friends and classmates.  That’s true, pretty simple huh?   You’ll be given referral cards with your image on them and with each person that books their own Senior Session with Rae of Light Photography, you’ll get bigger discounts for your own portraits, albums, or graduation announcements.

Do I have to pay regular price for my session?

Absolutely not!   One of the perks of being a Senior Rep is that you get special Senior Rep pricing.  You’ll enjoy:
a free Custom Session ($200 value)
5 watermarked images on Facebook to share on your profile
1 box of 50 rep cards with your picture on it
A 20 page spiral bound proof book with your favorite images in it to show all your friends.

Ok, so what’s required of me?
– sign a model release
– must leave senior photos up through graduation
-you are a representative exclusively with Rae of Light and no other local photographer.
-pass out referral cards to all seniors you think would be interested.  Remember, you are our spokesperson! 🙂
– minimum of $250 purchase.

Alright, I’m sold!   What do I do next?

Visit the Rae of Light Photography blog & fill out the on-line

Only a few are choosen each year.

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